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10 May 2016 - Fort McMurray Fire

Publié par Marion Coste le 05/10/2016

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Fort McMurray fire: 2,400 buildings lost, 25,000 saved
Josh Dehaas (CTV News, 09/05/2016)

After touring Fort McMurray on Monday, Alberta Premier Rachel Notley says that about 90 per cent of the city remains intact, including the hospital and all schools.
“I’m told we lost about 2,400 structures,” she said. “We’ve saved over 25,000.”
Although there are many “heartbreaking images,” Notley said the community “has the capacity for people to return to it, to be a home, for people to rebuild their lives.”
Notley said she expects to be able to “provide a schedule for return within two weeks.”

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Fire contained

Fort McMurray 'saved' after rain and temperature drop stabilise wildfire
Press Association (The Irish Independent, 10/05/2016)
Fire Chief Darby Allen said 85% of Fort McMurray remains intact, including the city centre, and Alberta's premier Rachel Notley said officials hope to provide a schedule within two weeks for thousands of evacuated residents to return home.
Ms Notley said about 2,400 homes and buildings were destroyed in Canada's main oil sands city, but firefighters managed to save 25,000 others, including the hospital, municipal buildings and every functioning school.
"This city was surrounded by an ocean of fire only a few days ago but Fort McMurray and the surrounding communities have been saved and they will be rebuilt," she said.

Global warming

Now is not the time to discuss global warming in Fort McMurray
Stephen Hume (Vancouver Sun, 09/05/2016)
An ethical argument seizes environmentalists as events unfold across northern B.C. and Alberta, where fire threatens Fort St. John and 80,000 people were evacuated from Fort McMurray — bedroom community, supply depot and staging point for oilsands development.
Is it appropriate to indulge in victim-blaming by declaring it’s all bad karma for the inhabitants now fleeing a vast forest conflagration caused by the global warming for which petroleum development is demonized?
Or would that be bad taste, bad public relations and misplaced blame — not to mention colossal insensitivity to the sadness of this human calamity — since weather is not climate and linking one hot spell in a particular place to global warming is dubious?

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Alberta premier tours fire-ravaged Fort McMurray
Rachel La Corte and Rob Gillies (The Denver Post, 10/05/2016)
One neighborhood in this oil sands town was a scene of devastation with incinerated homes leveled down to their foundation from a wildfire that Fort McMurray's fire chief called a "beast ... a fire like I've never seen in my life."
But the wider picture was more optimistic as Fire Chief Darby Allen said 85 percent of Canada's main oil sands city remains intact.
Alberta Premier Rachel Notley got her first look at the devastation in Fort McMurray on Monday after cold temperatures and light rain had stabilized the massive wildfire to a point where officials could begin planning to get thousands of evacuated residents back.
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