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10 March 2016 - US elections: Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders debate

Publié par Marion Coste le 03/10/2016

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Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders clash in wide-ranging debate

Stephen Collinson (CNN, 10/03/2016)

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders waged an acrimonious debate duel Wednesday, throwing punches on immigration reform, auto bailouts and health care as they drew up fresh battle lines ahead of crucial primaries next week that could dictate how long their quest for the Democratic nomination will last.
Clinton returned to her attack on Sanders for opposing the auto bailout. She noted that in December 2008, she and Sanders voted to support rescue for Detroit that was blocked by Republicans. But before President Barack Obama took office in 2009, the bailout was folded into a bailout bill for financial firms.
"Sen. Sanders voted against it," Clinton said at the Univision debate in Miami. "That is his perfect right to vote against it, but if everyone had voted as he voted, we would not have rescued the auto industry."

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Sanders reenergized

Clinton and a reinvigorated Sanders will keep battling
Dan Balz (The Washington Post, 09/03/2016)
Democrats got a taste Wednesday night of where their nominating contest between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders could be heading — toward a grueling and increasingly contentious battle that could continue until the primaries end in June.
A few days ago, Wednesday’s debate here appeared as if it might be an anticlimax as Clinton rolled toward the nomination. Instead, Sanders arrived reenergized and reinvigorated after his surprising victory in Michigan. Rather than questions about Sanders’s viability, Clinton faced questions about what had gone wrong with her campaign.
The two squabbled at length over immigration. They traded charges over bailing out the automobile industry. They argued again over health care and about how to combat climate change. A quiet start turned into a spirited and at times tense series of exchanges that highlighted their differences and the state of their competition.


In the Democratic Debate, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders Clash on Immigration
Patrick Healy and Amy Chozick (The New York Times, 09/03/2016)
Hillary Clinton and Senator Bernie Sanders clashed vividly over immigration reform, health care and Cuba during a contentious debate Wednesday as the two Democrats appealed to Hispanic voters and tried to outdo each other in assailing Donald J. Trump.
Mrs. Clinton, bruised by her surprise loss in the Michigan primary a day earlier, was on the attack throughout the debate as she sought to undercut Mr. Sanders’s momentum before the next round of primaries.
Aiming her remarks at viewers watching on Univision, a Spanish-language sponsor of the debate, Mrs. Clinton threw his past support for Fidel Castro and President Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua in Mr. Sanders’s face and repeatedly criticized him for opposing a 2007 bill that would have created a path to citizenship for millions of immigrants in the country illegally.

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Political debate

Hillary! Bernie! Debate!
Gail Collins (The New York Times, 09/03/2016)
Let’s give a hand to Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. After all we’ve been through with the Republicans, it’s nice to hear presidential candidates go at each other’s throat while they’re talking about where they stood on immigration issues in 2007.
This was Wednesday’s Democratic debate — the second one in a week, not counting the back-to-back town halls in between. People, do you remember when we used to complain that there weren’t going to be enough debates? Ah yes, long ago. Dinosaurs roamed the earth and Marco Rubio was a hot ticket.
Clinton held up well, given that her first three questions involved why she lost the Michigan primary, her emails and whether she’d drop out if she was indicted. (“Oh, for goodness — that is not going to happen. I’m not even answering that question.”) It was a tough evening. Sanders accused Clinton of cruelty to Honduran children. She claimed he had sided with the Minutemen.
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