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1 March 2016 - US elections: Super Tuesday

Publié par Marion Coste le 03/01/2016

US election 2016: What is Super Tuesday?

Rick Kelsey (BBC Newsbeat, 01/03/2016)

It's the day when the most amount of primaries happen and can go a long way to keeping you in or knocking you out of the race to become president.
Primaries stand for primary elections and allow people to vote on which candidate they think should be on the ballot paper (for their party) in the US election in November.
Some states have a caucus instead - that's when party members decide on the best candidate in meetings.

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Tight race

GOP badly split as Trump, Clinton seek Super Tuesday wins
Julie Pace and Jill Colvin (The Washington Post, 29/02/2016)
On the eve of Super Tuesday’s crucial primaries, a sharp new divide erupted between Republicans who pledge to fall in line behind Donald Trump if he wins their party’s nomination and others who insist they can never back the bombastic billionaire.
The fissure could have major implications beyond the primaries, exposing the looming challenges in uniting the party after the election, no matter who wins.
Nebraska’s Ben Sasse, a rising star among conservatives, became the first current senator to publicly raise the prospect of backing a third-party option if Trump clinches the nomination. In a letter posted on Facebook late Sunday, Sasse urged Republicans to consider whether a party led by Trump would still represent their interests.

Final showdown

2016 contenders put it all on the line for Super Tuesday showdown
(Fox News, 29/02/2016)
The #OscarsSoWhite controversy that dominated the build-up to the Oscars - which focused on the fact that all 20 nominees in the acting categories were white - led to leading black figures in Hollywood, including director Spike Lee and actress Jada Pinkett-Smith, boycotting the event, while Rock himself faced calls to step down as host.
But rather than shy away from it, Rock used #OscarsSoWhite as the basis for some superbly satirical routines.
In fact he - and, to their credit, the awards producers - made the controversy the dominant theme, while managing to avoid it overshadowing the prize-giving or overly humiliating the A-list audience.
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GOP crisis

Super Tuesday: crisis for Republican party as Trump heads for victory
David Smith, Ben Jacobs and Sabrina Siddiqui (The Guardian, 01/03/2016)

Donald Trump appears poised for sweeping victories on “Super Tuesday” that would effectively anoint him the Republicans’ presumptive nominee, leaving the polarised party in the throes of an existential crisis.
Republican primaries or caucuses will take place in 12 states, with the New York billionaire well placed to take all except Texas, where Ted Cruz looks set to win on home turf. On Monday one national CNN opinion poll of Republican voters put him at 49%, more than all his opponents combined.
The dawning reality of Trump – an entrepreneur and reality TV show host who began the campaign viewed by many as something of a joke – becoming the party favourite has left senior Republicans scrambling to either destroy or jump aboard his populist bandwagon.
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