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08 April 2016 - David Cameron had stake in father's offshore trust

Publié par Marion Coste le 04/08/2016

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David Cameron admits he profited from father's Panama offshore trust
Robert Booth, Holly Watt and David Pegg (The Guardian, 07/04/2016)

David Cameron has finally admitted he benefited from a Panama-based offshore trust set up by his late father.
After three days of stalling and four partial statements issued by Downing Street he confessed that he owned shares in the tax haven fund, which he sold for £31,500 just before becoming prime minister in 2010.
In a specially arranged interview with ITV News’ Robert Peston he confirmed a direct link to his father’s UK-tax avoiding fund, details of which were exposed in the Panama Papers revelations in the Guardian this week.

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Offshore investments

How significant are David Cameron's offshore shares?
Henry Zeffman (News Stateman, 08/04/2016)
The Prime Minister’s admission yesterday evening that he had held shares in his father’s Panama-registered fund, Blairmore, is without question a big deal. And, because of Number 10’s poor media management since the so-called 'Panama Papers' emerged on Sunday night, it is an even bigger deal than it otherwise might have been.
Rather than having his spokesperson initially insist his financial arrangements are a ‘private matter’, the Prime Minister should have said early on Monday what he said last night: that he held shares in his father’s offshore fund until 2010, paying full income tax on the dividends, and then sold them. Instead, the quintet of statements, each one just a little less opaque than the last, made the Prime Minister look not only like he had something to hide, but that he felt entitled to hide it too.

Political crisis

David Cameron has disastrously mishandled the crisis over his tax affairs
John McTernan (The Telegraph, 07/04/2016)
In life, you only get one chance to make a first impression. In politics, you only get one chance to make a full and frank disclosure. In and of themselves, the facts do not set you free – it is the handling that matters more than anything else.
The case of David Cameron and his father’s company Blairmore, with its offshore holdings, has been a textbook example of how not to do it. In the course of five days and four statements the Prime Minister’s position has gone from the stonewalling ("[it’s] a private matter") to an admission that Cameron had held shares in Blairmore but sold them shortly before becoming Prime Minister.

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'Morally wrong'

Cameron offshore trust row: PM accused of 'hypocrisy'
UK Politics (BBC, 08/04/2016)
On Thursday, the PM said he sold the shares before he entered Number 10 in 2010 and had paid all UK taxes due on profits from the £30,000 sale.
He said the firm, Blairmore Holdings, had not been set up to avoid tax.
Labour's deputy leader Tom Watson said the PM had called people who invested in similar schemes "morally wrong".
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