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07 April 2016 - Cruz and Sanders win Wisconsin Primary

Publié par Marion Coste le 04/07/2016

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Sanders wins big in Wisconsin, but barely dents Clinton delegate lead
Ben Kamisar (The Hill, 06/04/2016)

Bernie Sanders beat Hillary Clinton by more than 100,000 votes in Wisconsin's Democratic primary, securing his seventh win in eight contests and providing more momentum for his presidential campaign ahead of the New York primary.
But in terms of delegates, Sanders's success was more modest.
According to The Associated Press, Clinton will take 36 delegates compared with 47 for Sanders.
Worse, because seven superdelegates from Wisconsin are expected to back Clinton, according to MSNBC, Sanders's big win among voters translates to him emerging with just four more delegates than the former New York senator.

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WTF Happened to Trump and Clinton in Wisconsin, Explained
Tim Dickinson (Rolling Stone, 06/04/2016)
Just when you thought all the drama had fizzed out of the 2016 contest, Wisconsin decided to give both races a good shake. Cheesehead voters swept Bernie Sanders to his sixth straight win over Hillary Clinton, and gave Ted Cruz the pleasure of trouncing Donald Trump.
Throwing lifelines to the underdogs — and dead weight to the frontrunners — the results from Wisconsin have deeper implications, for both momentum and the math.

GOP nomination

Even after Wisconsin win, Ted Cruz struggles to get establishment GOP support
Sean Sullivan and Paul Kane (The Washington Post, 06/04/2016)
After his most convincing victory yet over Donald Trump in Wisconsin, Ted Cruz sought on Wednesday to shed his reputation as a divisive bomb-thrower and position himself as the candidate who can bring the Republican Party together.
But it wasn’t clear whether it was working. In Washington and across the country, many mainstream Republicans who despise Trump — including many supporters of former candidate Marco Rubio — are still declining to support the senator from Texas, whose antagonism toward GOP leaders has been the centerpiece of his political rise.
The lukewarm reception highlighted the difficulty Cruz faces in recasting himself as a bridge builder after years of bridge burning. Many top Republicans remain strongly opposed to both Cruz and Trump and hold out hope that long-shot candidate John Kasich, or perhaps another Republican not in the race, can somehow clinch the nomination.

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Self-inflicted wounds

Trump hopes a boost from New Yorkers will make his campaign great again
Ed Pilkington (The Guardian, 07/04/2016)
If Donald Trump’s insurgent bid on the White House is in potentially mortal trouble, reeling as he is from a humiliating defeat in Wisconsin and almost daily crises over his increasingly extreme remarks, then somebody forgot to tell that to the good people of Long Island.
On Wednesday night they turned out in the thousands to give their returning hero a welcome that would have soothed the bruises of even the most battered presidential candidate.
“First of all, it’s great to be home,” Trump said as the crowd of about 15,000 almost exclusively white supporters let out a roar that threatened to blow the roof off the former Grumman aerospace hangar they filled to bursting. “We love New York. We love New York. And we are all together going to make America great again.”
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