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03 June 2016 - Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump clash

Publié par Marion Coste le 06/03/2016

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Donald Trump Rebukes Hillary Clinton as Clash Erupts Outside Event
Nick Corasaniti and Jonah Engel Bromwich (The New York Times, 03/06/2016)

With escalating vitriol, Donald J. Trump unleashed an attack on Hillary Clinton on Thursday in response to her speech earlier in the day criticizing his foreign policy positions.
Speaking at a campaign rally here, he began by calling her speech “pathetic,” dismissing it as a stunt and saying, “It had nothing to do with foreign policy.”
Outside the event, protesters, some brandishing Mexican flags, clashed violently with Mr. Trump’s supporters.

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Clinton attacks

Hillary Clinton's evisceration of Donald Trump
Stephen Collinson and Dan Merica (CNN Politics, 03/06/2016)
There's a new Hillary Clinton in town.
A speech that was billed as a major foreign policy address instead unfolded as a savage, mocking evisceration of Donald Trump Thursday as the former secretary of state adopted an aggressive new campaign persona designed to repel the unpredictable challenge posed by the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.
In one of the most striking speeches of her political career, Clinton dispensed with the sober diplo-speak that has characterized her previous national security addresses and went straight for the jugular, unleashing a series of biting attacks on Trump.

"A historic mistake"

Here’s a guide to Clinton’s claims about Donald Trump
Glenn Kessler (The Washington Post, 02/06/2016)

Hillary Clinton’s foreign-policy speech in San Diego was mostly a very long attack on Donald Trump, with many citations of the statements he has made on foreign policy. Below is a guide to some of her key claims, along with the context in which Trump made them.
In most cases Clinton was on target, though in a few instances one could argue that Trump’s statements were not as clear as she suggested. Trump speaks so often – and often says so many contradictory things – that Clinton apparently has a wealth of material she can deploy during the campaign.
In terms of her own statements, Clinton was imprecise in referring to one of her accomplishments—the New START agreement with Russia. “That is how I can work with Russia to conclude the new START Treaty to reduce nuclear stockpiles,” she said at one point. At another point, she said she “negotiated the reduction of nuclear weapons with Russia.”
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"Crooked Hillary"

The Latest: Trump says Clinton now ‘Lyin’, Crooked Hillary’
Associated Press (The Washington Post, 02/06/2016)
Donald Trump is accusing Hillary Clinton of misrepresenting his views on foreign policy — and suggesting he will revive one of his infamous nicknames.
“She made up my foreign policy,” Trump said Thursday night in San Jose, California. “She’s Lyin’, Crooked Hillary.”
Trump had previously dubbed Texas Senator Ted Cruz as “Lyin’ Ted.” He has taken to calling Clinton “crooked” in recent weeks.
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