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02 June 2016 - Labour and the Brexit Campaign

Publié par Marion Coste le 06/02/2016

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EU referendum: Union boss calls on Jeremy Corbyn to be 'braver' and speak up on immigration
Laura Hughes (The Telegraph, 02/06/2016)

Owen Smith, the shadow work and pensions secretary, speaking to the Today programme, said the GMB leader Tim Roache was right to say Labour must increase its involvement in the referendum campaign
He said: “I think he is right. Tim knows that we’ve got to have a Labour case, it’s got to be a strong and distinct Labour case.
"There is a danger obviously that Labour voters will see this as something the Tories have been banging on about for the last 30 years and not something that bothers them. "

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Workers' rights

Corbyn: 'Brexit would be disaster for workers' rights'
(ITV News, 02/06/2016)
Ordinary Britons will face "disaster" if the country leaves the EU because the Conservatives can't be trusted to protect workers' rights, Jeremy Corbyn will warn.
On Thursday, the Labour leader will insist employment entitlements have been bolstered by EU membership - and are threatened by the Tories rather than Brussels.
Mr Corbyn will state his party is "overwhelmingly for staying in" because of the investment, jobs and rights the bloc has brought.
At the Institute of Engineering Technology, the 67-year-old will highlight the importance of "these gains".
"It means workers throughout Europe have decent rights at work, meaning it's harder to undercut terms and conditions across Europe", he will say.

Free Trade Deal

Jeremy Corbyn To Warn A Labour Government Would Oppose EU-US Trade Deal
Paul Waugh  (The Huffington Post UK, 02/06/2016)

An EU-US free trade deal would be bad for British workers’ rights and risk further privatisation, Jeremy Corbyn is set to warn today.
In a keynote speech aimed at persuading Britons to stay in the European Union, the Labour leader will make clear his opposition to the so-called Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), party sources have told HuffPostUK.
Putting clear distance between himself and David Cameron, who has hailed the planned deal as a multi-billion pound boost to jobs and investment, Corbyn will make clear his own deep misgivings about the proposals.
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In Campaign

EU referendum live: Cameron and Corbyn make case for Remain – separately
Claire Phipps (The Guardian, 02/06/2016)
Live coverage as prime minister faces Sky News Q&A, and opposition leader insists Labour is ‘overwhelmingly’ for In – but won’t share platform with Tories.
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