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01 September 2016 - Immigration at heart of Brexit deal

Publié par Marion Coste le 09/01/2016

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Government to 'push ahead' with Brexit
(BBC, 01/09/2016)

The government will "push ahead" to triggering Brexit without Parliamentary approval, Downing Street says.
In a statement after Theresa May's cabinet gathered at Chequers, Number 10 said ministers agreed on the need for a "unique" deal for the UK.
This included controls on EU migration as well as a "positive outcome" on trade, Downing Street said.
Mrs May told cabinet colleagues the UK would not stay in the EU "by the back door".

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Single market

Restricting immigration will be at heart of Brexit deal, Theresa May says
Anushka Asthana (The Guardian, 31/08/2016)
Theresa May has agreed with her cabinet that restricting immigration will be a red line in any negotiations with the EU, in a move that experts claim will end Britain’s membership of the single market.
The prime minister and her team, who met at Chequers – the PM’s country retreat – also confirmed that MPs will not be given a vote before the government triggers article 50, beginning the two-year countdown to a British exit.
“There was a strong emphasis on pushing ahead to article 50 to lead Britain successfully out of the European Union – with no need for a parliamentary vote,” May’s spokeswoman said, before setting out how restrictions to freedom of movement would be at the centre of any Brexit deal.

'Hard Brexit'

Brexit ‘Must Mean’ Cuts In EU Immigrant Numbers, Theresa May’s Cabinet Agrees
Paul Waugh (The Huffington Post UK, 31/08/2016)
Brexit will result in serious new curbs on immigration from the EU, the Cabinet has decided.
In the first real clue of what Britain will look like outside the European Union, Theresa May’s meeting of top ministers agreed that one key priority would be “controls” on migrants.
The Tory government has spent much of the summer since the EU referendum vote avoiding a detailed explanation of the Prime Minister’s “Brexit means Brexit” mantra.
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European leaders

What the UK decides it wants from Brexit may not be what it gets
Jon Henley (The Guardian, 31/08/2016)
The early calls for Britain to go quickly have ceased, and despite the insistence on “no negotiation without notification”, informal talks between UK officials and their counterparts in EU capitals are under way.
But as the government begins working out what form it would like Britain’s future relationship with the EU to take (and when it would like it to start), it seems probable that what it eventually decides it might like will not be what it gets.
In contrast to the first few days after the 23 June referendum, when European leaders were queuing up to say Britain must launch the two-year exit process as soon as possible, most see the point of showing some patience.
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