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8 September 2015 - Stormont crisis after IRA murder claims

Publié par Marion Coste le 09/08/2015

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Northern Ireland coalition on brink of collapse over IRA claims
Steven Swinford (The Telegraph)

Northern Ireland's power-sharing coalition is on the brink of collapse after police said that members of the provisional IRA may be involved in a ruthless murder.
Peter Robinson, the First Minister and DUP leader, said that there would be no further meetings of the executive unless there are "exceptional circumstances".
The Northern Ireland Assembly has been plunged into crisis since police said they suspected current members of the provisional IRA of involvement in the muder of father-of-nine Kevin McGuigan in Belfast.

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McGuigan murder enquiry
McGuigan Murder Inquiry Leads To Top Of IRA
David Blevins (Sky News)
The investigation into the murder of Kevin McGuigan in Belfast has led police to the very top of the IRA.
Sky News has learned that detectives are likely to question two high-ranking members, both seen as close to Sinn Fein.
With Unionists sharing power on the basis of a republican commitment to peace, the killing could collapse the devolved government.
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DUP and Sinn Féin

Stormont crisis: It’s time to push the rock up the hill again
Gerry Moriarty (The Irish Times)
As expected there was much sound and fury at Stormont on Monday but by this Tuesday afternoon the hope of the British and Irish governments is that the mood will shift from one of recrimination to problem-solving.
Peter Robinson certainly concentrated minds by his decision to boycott meetings of the Northern Executive save in “exceptional circumstances”. This will halt Executive meetings as they can only go ahead with the say-so of both Robinson as First Minister and Martin McGuinness as Deputy First Minister. Departmental work will continue as Ministers can operate semi-autonomously.
Robinson also raised the stakes by threatening “as a last resort” to pull himself and his Ministers out of the Executive if it is clear the talks beginning on Tuesday afternoon are going nowhere.
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First Minister Peter Robinson

DUP leader lays out Stormont plans
(News Letter)
Speaking at Parliament Buildings, Stormont, this morning, he said: “The impartial advice that the murder of Kevin McGuigan involved members of the Provisional IRA who are associated with Sinn Fein brought about a watershed moment in the operation of the Northern Ireland Assembly. All the parties had previously agreed that it is inconsistent with membership of the Executive to be linked to those participating in terrorist or criminal behaviour. However the rules relating to handling this set of circumstances are deficient and a sanction could not be imposed on Sinn Fein for this breach.
“The UUP carried out its stunt of a single ministerial resignation that they knew would not impact Sinn Fein or the operation of either the Assembly or Executive. Then, inexplicably, when the DUP and Alliance Party voted to adjourn the Assembly to allow parties to focus on talks to resolve all the outstanding issues the UUP voted with Sinn Fein to ensure that the Assembly would carry on as normal.
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