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5 May 2015 - Royal baby's name revealed

Publié par Clifford Armion le 05/04/2015

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Charlotte Elizabeth Diana: royal baby's name is firm nod to tradition
Caroline Davies (The Guardian)
Few would have bet against Diana being there. With his mother’s sapphire and diamond engagement ring prominent on Kate’s wedding finger in the first photographs of his daughter, William seldom passes up an appropriate opportunity to keep alive memories of the mother he lost in a car crash when he was 15.
Charlotte, the feminised form of Charles – which will undoubtedly be shortened by headline writers to Lottie or Charlie – is clearly a tribute to the baby’s grandfather, the Prince of Wales.
Elizabeth, chosen in tribute to the Queen in the year she overtakes Victoria as Britain’s longest-reigning monarch, will delight the 89-year-old, who has yet to meet her fifth great-grandchild.
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Royal baby girl: Why Charlotte Elizabeth Diana should thank heavens she wasn't born to Henry VIII
Linsey Wood (The Independent)
A new member of the British royal family has been born, in the form of a daughter to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.
The royals have received warm congratulations from the prime minister, deputy prime minister and the leaders of the opposition parties.
But the birth of an English princess has not always been a cause for celebration. In February 1516 the Venetian ambassador congratulated Henry VIII upon his daughter’s birth, remarking that “the state would have been yet more pleased had the child been a son.” Henry replied that “if it was a daughter this time, by the grace of God the sons will follow.”
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For the mother he lost: William ensures most poignant of tributes to the Princess the Palace tried to forget in naming of his daughter
Steph Cockroft (Daily Mail)
The Princess of Cambridge has finally been revealed to the world as Charlotte Elizabeth Diana - in a touching nod to her grandfather, her grandmother and her great-grandmother.
Kensington Palace revealed the royal baby's full name yesterday after days of speculation and close friends of Princess Diana immediately said the choice means the spirit of Prince William’s beloved mother ‘lives on’.
The Duke of Cambridge was determined to pay tribute to his mother – despite the efforts of some palace courtiers to have Diana airbrushed from royal history.
William was, however, clear that his baby girl should not have Diana as a first name. ‘It would have been a millstone around her neck,’ said one of the princess’s long-time friends.
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Why is the royal baby's name Charlotte? Meaning, history, namesakes and surname
Andrew Hewitt (The Mirror)
The name has historic royal links having already had a Queen Charlotte and Princess Charlottes - although they were all several hundreds of years ago.
Although born Sophie in 1744, Queen Charlotte, who was married to George III, shunned her Christian name to go by the title.
She was Queen of Great Britain and Ireland from their marriage in 1761 until the union of the two kingdoms in 1801, after which she was Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland until her death in 1818.
In 1766 Queen Charlotte gave birth to a daughter, who she called Charlotte. She was known as the Princess Royal.
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