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5 March 2015 - U.S. ambassador slashed with knife in South Korea

Publié par Clifford Armion le 03/05/2015

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U.S. ambassador slashed with knife in attack in South Korea
Staff (The Chicago Tribune)
U.S. Ambassador Mark Lippert was in stable condition after a man screaming demands for a unified North and South Korea slashed him on the face and wrist with a knife, South Korean police and U.S. officials said Thursday.
Media images showed a stunned-looking Lippert examining his blood-covered left hand and holding his right hand over a cut on the right side of his face, his pink tie splattered with blood.
The U.S. State Department condemned the attack, which happened at a performing arts center in downtown Seoul as the ambassador was preparing for a lecture about prospects for peace on the divided Korean Peninsula.
The U.S. Embassy later said Lippert was in stable condition after surgery at a Seoul hospital.
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knife or razor...

US ambassador to South Korea left bleeding after violent razor attack
Staff (The Telegraph)
The US ambassador to South Korea has been attacked by a man wielding a razor blade as he attended a lecture in Seoul.
In pictures broadcast by the country’s Yonhap news agency, Mark Lippert was seen holding his face as blood gushed from wounds to his head and left wrist.
Mr Lippert, 42, who was about to deliver a speech at a breakfast being held at Sejong Hall, was taken to hospital with non life-threatening injuries.
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U.S. ambassador to South Korea attacked in Seoul by armed assailant
Anna Fifield (The Washington Post)
Television reports from Seoul showed Lippert, a former assistant secretary of defense and adviser to President Obama, bleeding from his head and hand at the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, across the road from the U.S. Embassy. Police said he was attacked with a 10-inch knife. According to reports, the attacker yelled: “No war! The two Koreas should be unified.”
Two teams of doctors at nearby Yonsei University Hospital treated Lippert. One of the surgeons, Jung Nam-sik, said Lippert received 80 stitches to his face. Lippert also suffered significant knife wounds to his left wrist while struggling to push off his assailant.
The ambassador is expected to be able to use his hand after four weeks of treatment but due to tendon damage. A fuller recovery will take longer because of the loss of senses in his little finger, his doctors said.
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U.S. ambassador slashed in South Korea
Kirk Spitzer and William M. Welch (USA Today)
YTN TV reported that the assailant, identified by police as Kim Ki-jong, 55, screamed, "South and North Korea should be reunified" as he launched the attack. The two Koreas have been divided for decades along the world's most heavily armed border.
State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf said Lippert was taken to a hospital for treatment. She said he also suffered a cut to the wrist in addition to his cheek.
"We strongly condemn this act of violence," Harf said.
President Obama telephoned Lippert after the attack to express his thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery, the White House said.
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