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5 January 2015 - General Election campaign has begun

Publié par Clifford Armion le 01/05/2015

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And they're off: the 2015 General Election campaign (unofficially) begins today
Rosa Prince (The Telegraph)
The main political parties will mark the start of the long, unofficial general election campaign by setting out their agendas for the next four months, as the countdown begins until polling day on May 7.
With MPs returning to Westminster after the Christmas recess, and voters around the country going back to work, the spin doctors have calculated that the electorate is ready to face the task of working out who they want to run Britain for the next five years.
The Conservatives, Labour and the Liberal Democrats are all holding formal events to set out their stalls.
And with Nigel Farage, the UK Independence Party leader, appearing on the Sunday political shows, it is clear Ukip is not going to be keeping a low profile.
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Off the road

Conservative election poster: Tories use picture of German road in 'road to recovery' election poster
Zachary Davies Boren (The Independent)
The Conservative Party's inaugural general election poster is being widely mocked for using a photograph of a German road to represent Britain's "road to a stronger economy".
Still reeling from criticism over the poster's disputed claim that the deficit has been halved, Chancellor George Osborne told Channel 4 News on Friday: "It's a British picture, a British road."
But the image actually derives from a 2008 photo taken by Alexander Burzik near his hometown of Weimar in central Germany.
The original picture, which can be found on the iStock photo library, run by Getty Images, has been photoshopped — the cracks removed and the colouring altered.
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General election top concern for UK companies in 2015
Graeme Wearden (The Guardian)
Political uncertainty ahead of May’s general election and the weakening eurozone economy are hitting confidence across British businesses.
Two surveys on Monday show that firms began the new year fretting about domestic political upheaval and the possibility that geopolitical tensions could escalate in 2015.
The general election is seen as the biggest threat to business this year, according to Deloitte’s latest quarterly poll of finance chiefs at Britain’s biggest companies. The prospect of a hung parliament, in which smaller parties hold the balance of power, is making firms more wary.
“The decline in support for the three main parties, and the rise in support for others, means the risk of political instability and the possibility of more radical policy changes is greater than before,” said Ian Stewart, Deloitte’s chief economist.
“In the past, CFOs had been more concerned with increased financial and economic uncertainty, but they’re now latching onto the more uncertain domestic political landscape.”
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NHS is missing key targets, says Labour
Mark Leftly (The Independent)
Labour has kicked off its general election campaign with a damning dossier showing that the NHS has missed half of its patient waiting time pledges in the past year.
Andy Burnham, the shadow Health Secretary, warned that the coalition faces its "day of reckoning" at the polls in May, after Labour compiled evidence showing that seven out of 15 patient rights in the NHS constitution have been breached over the past 12 months.
Failures include not getting enough ambulances to people within eight minutes; 74 consecutive weeks of missing the A&E waiting-time target; and more than 15 per cent of cancer patients not getting their first treatment within two months of diagnosis.
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