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30 March 2015 - Cameron kicks off election campaign

Publié par Clifford Armion le 30/03/2015

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Spare us from Ed's 'sneering, hopeless Hampstead Lefties': Cameron kicks off election campaign with onslaught against 'we know best socialists'
Glen Owen (The Mail)
David Cameron kicked off the Tory Election campaign yesterday with an intensely personal attack on Ed Miliband and his ‘hopeless, sneering socialists’.
The Prime Minister made a direct assault on the Labour leader’s background, calling it the ‘same old condescending, bossy, interfering, we-know-best attitude of the Hampstead socialist down the ages’.
Mr Cameron’s withering reference to the North London borough associated with ‘champagne socialists’ comes after Mr Miliband was ridiculed last year for claiming in his party conference speech to have met ordinary voters on Hampstead Heath, a short walk from his £2.6million home.
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Nick Clegg's battle bus has trouble turning left at campaign launch
Christopher Hope (The Telegraph)
Nick Clegg’s general election campaign had a stuttering start when the Liberal Democrat leader’s bus appeared to have trouble turning around on narrow roads in Oxfordshire.
Mr Clegg was unveiling the party’s distinctive canary yellow battle bus, which he is expected to use to meet LibDem supporters as he criss-crosses the country in the general election campaign over the next seven weeks.
The luxury bus is decorated yellow on the inside as well as outside, and has a large boardroom-style table for meetings at the back.
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EU referendum will play havoc with business, Ed Miliband warns
Patrick Wintour (The Guardian)
Ed Miliband will attempt to win over a reluctant business community on Monday by warning that an EU referendum proposed by David Cameron would trigger a bitter two-year campaign in which a re-elected Tory party would tear itself apart over whether the UK should remain in Europe.
As the Labour leader launches the party’s business manifesto, aides are suggesting the proposed referendum would be a recipe for chaos as would-be successors to Cameron fight for support from an overwhelmingly sceptical party membership.
The attack has been launched as Cameron prepares to see the Queen on Monday afternoon to seek the dissolution of parliament, signalling the official start of the general election campaign.
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Election 2015: Scotland's political parties begin official campaign
Staff (BBC News)
Scotland's political parties will be taking to the streets of the country on the first official day of the General Election campaign.
Both Scottish Labour and the SNP are due to be out and about in Glasgow.
The Scottish Liberal Democrats will be campaigning in Kirkintilloch and the Scottish Tories will be at Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh.
Voters throughout the UK will go to the polls on 7 May to choose who they want to be their MP.
Of the 650 seats in the House of Commons, Scotland has 59.
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