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3 November 2015 - Syria airstrike vote

Publié par Marion Coste le 11/03/2015

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Downing Street denies David Cameron has ditched plans to bomb Syria

(The Independent)

Downing Street has denied reports that David Cameron has ditched plans to bomb Isis targets in Syria.
It follows newspaper reports quoting senior Whitehall sources saying the Prime Minister had shelved the planned air strikes after concluding that the Government would fail to win over enough Labour MPs to outweigh Tory rebels who are set to oppose military intevention in the war-torn country.
Russia's recent campaign of air strikes against Isis and rebel Free Syrian Army fighters to help President Assad shore up his regime is believed to have discouraged moderate Labour MPs from backing UK intervention.
Labour and a number Tory MPs fear being drawn into another protacted and complicated war, where several different forces are battling it out for control of the country.

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Commons Committee

Commons committee warns David Cameron against Syria vote
(BBC News)
The Foreign Affairs Committee - which has a Conservative majority - said the prime minister should instead focus on efforts to end Syria's civil war.
It also raised concerns about the legal basis for any UK action.
Downing Street has strongly denied reports Mr Cameron has abandoned plans for a vote altogether.
The Times and the Guardian are claiming the prime minister has decided against a second vote on the issue because he lacks MPs' support.
A Downing Street source told the BBC the reports were "complete nonsense".


David Cameron must satisfy seven demands before asking Parliament to approve British military action, say MPs
Christopher Hope (The Telegraph)
David Cameron should not ask MPs to back military action against Islamic State in Syria until he can show there is a clear plan to both defeat the jihadists and end the bloody civil war in the Middle East state, a powerful Commons committee has said. .
The MPs on the Foreign Affairs select committee set out seven demands which the Prime Minister must satisfy before asking Parliament to support allowing RAF jets to bomb Islamic State jihadists in Syria.
They included requiring the Government to state whether the UK had the support of Saudi Arabia, Iran and Turkey, whether it was trying to seek it, and how Mr Cameron would defend the legality of the action if there is no United Nations mandate.
The list of demands is a major blow to any hope the Prime Minister might harbour to have an early vote on whether to deploy British forces in Syria.
Mr Cameron has always made clear that he will only order British jets into action over Syria if there is a clear majority in favour in the House of Commons.
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2013 Vote

Syria airstrikes vote: Cameron haunted by memory of previous defeat
Nicholas Watt (The Guardian)
One of David Cameron’s most searing memories from his first term in Downing Street is of the night in August 2013 when, during an emergency recall of parliament, he lost a Commons vote designed to pave the way for airstrikes against the regime of Bashar al-Assad in Syria.
The prime minister believed that the defeat, which followed a decision by Ed Miliband to vote against the government after lengthy negotiations in No 10, made him look weak on the world stage and undermined his standing in Washington.
In the minutes after the defeat the prime minister and George Osborne vowed to themselves that they would never again seek parliamentary approval for armed intervention unless they could be absolutely certain that they would prevail.
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