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27 April 2015 - Amy Winehouse documentary is 'misleading'

Publié par Clifford Armion le 27/04/2015

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Amy Winehouse documentary is misleading, says family
Staff (The Guardian)
Amy Winehouse’s family has criticised a documentary about her life. The singer, who died in 2011, is the subject of Amy, which will be shown at at this year’s Cannes film festival.
Today Winehouse’s family distanced themselves from the film, claiming that it is “misleading”. But the film makers said that they approached it with “total objectivity” and insisted the story it tells is “a reflection of our findings” from around 100 interviews with people who knew the star.
In a statement, a spokesman for the Winehouse family said they “would like to disassociate themselves from the forthcoming film about their much missed and beloved Amy”.
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Amy Winehouse documentary: Father Mitch threatens legal action against makers of AMY film that 'portrays him as absent father'
Neela Debnath (The Independent)
The father of troubled singer Amy Winehouse is threatening to sue the makers of a documentary about his late daughter.
Mitch Winehouse has said that he films casts him a negative light as an absent father, “I felt sick when I watched it for the first time. Amy would be furious. This is not what she would have wanted,” he told The Sun.
He went on to say, “I am painted as being an absent father during her last years. It gives the impression the family weren’t there.”
After watching the first edit Mitch said that he is planning on taking legal action with plans to sue for defamation.
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Amy Winehouse Documentary Blasted By Star's Father Mitch Ahead of Cannes Film Festival Premiere
Rachel McGrath (The Huffington Post)
In his interview with the Sun, Mitch goes on to criticise the film creators’ decision to allow Blake Fielder-Civil to feature in the documentary, adding: “Blake is saying in the film that the reason Amy was like that was because of me — not because he gave her crack and heroin and because he completely manipulated and coerced her into Class A drugs.
“If the real truth came out about Blake, he wouldn’t be able to walk down the street so how they can allow him to make that claim about me is so hurtful and beyond belief.”
The former London cabbie even goes on to add that he might consider taking legal action when the film is released.
“We can’t stop it but when the film does come out we can sue for libel or slander. Our lawyers will view the film and reserve the right to do that and see whether there are any grounds,” he states.
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'It's misleading and contains basic untruths'
Sharnaz Shahid (The Daily Mail)
The British songstress died from alcohol poisoning nearly four years ago at her home in London at the age of just 27.
The film, titled Amy and directed by BAFTA award-winning Asif Kapadia, will no longer have the full support of ex-cabbie Mitch and the rest of the Winehouse family as they believe they have not been portrayed in the right light, according to The Sun's Natalie Edwards.
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