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26 January 2015 - President Obama in India

Publié par Clifford Armion le 26/01/2015

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Obama Clears a Hurdle to Better Ties With India
Peter Baker (The New York Times)
NEW DELHI — President Obama and his Indian counterpart broke through a five-year impasse on Sunday to pave the way for American companies to build nuclear power plants here as the two countries sought to transform a fraught geopolitical relationship into a fresh partnership for a new era of cooperation.
Opening a three-day visit amid pomp and pageantry, Mr. Obama moved to clear away old disputes that have stalled progress toward an alignment between the world’s largest and most powerful democracies, a goal that has eluded the last three American presidents. Few obstacles to that have been more nettlesome in recent years than the deadlock over nuclear power.
“Today we achieved a breakthrough understanding on two issues that were holding up our ability to advance our civil nuclear cooperation, and we’re committed to moving towards full implementation,” Mr. Obama said at an appearance with Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Hyderabad House, the princely palace used by the government. “And this is an important step that shows how we can work together to elevate our relationship.”
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Obama makes history at Indian Republic Day festivities
Jane Onyanga-Omara and Mandakini Gahlot (USA Today)
President Obama became the first American leader to be honored as chief guest at India's annual Republic Day festivities Monday, taking in a grand display of military parades and elaborately-dressed camels under an overcast sky.
The crowd erupted in cheers as Obama and his wife Michelle emerged from an armored limousine and took their place on the rain-soaked parade route in the capital, New Delhi.
The parade was the centerpiece of Obama's three-day visit to India, aimed at strengthening a relationship between the world's largest democracies.
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Defence & energy

Obama reveals nuclear breakthrough on landmark India trip
Roberta Rampton (Reuters)
(Reuters) - In a glow of bonhomie, U.S. President Barack Obama and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled plans to unlock billions of dollars in nuclear trade and to deepen defence ties, steps they hope will establish an enduring strategic partnership.
The two countries reached an understanding on two issues that, despite a groundbreaking 2006 agreement, had stopped U.S. companies from setting up reactors in India and had become one of the major irritants in bilateral relations.
"We are committed to moving towards full implementation," Obama told a joint news conference with Modi. "This is an important step that shows how we can work together to elevate our relationship."
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Indian press

Obama in India: US President says he wanted to wear Modi kurta
Staff (India.com)
New Delhi, Jan 25: I wanted to wear a ‘Modi kurta’, said US President Barack Obama as he raised a toast at the banquet hosted in his honour by President Pranab Mukherjee. As he started his speech, Obama said, “We feel your friendship, ‘dosti’ and I am deeply honoured.” He recalled a headline back home which asked who is the new fashion icon other than Michelle Obama and said “I was thinking of wearing a Modi kurta myself.”
He appreciated Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying he is tough and has a style. ”I most often said that my story could happen in America and of course Mr Prime Minister, your story can happen only in India.” Recalling Modi’s childhood days when his father was a tea vendor and his mother was working in other households, Obama said, “Tonight their son welcomes us as the Prime Minister of world’s largest democracy. ”Now we all know about Prime Minister’s legendary work ethics. He (Modi) was explaining to me today that how he got only three hours sleep today which made me feel bad. I was doing ok with five.
“What I didn’t know that he survived an attack by a crocodile. So he is tough and he also has style. Obama recalled his earlier visit to India when he had joined some children in Mumbai on the eve of Diwali. “Last time we were over here, we joined some children in Mumbai for Diwali and we danced. ”It was clear what the Indian press thought and one headline was President Obama visits India and the other said Michelle Obama rocks India. It is true that Michelle Obama is better dancer than me.”
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