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25 September 2015 - Scottish independence debate

Publié par Marion Coste le 25/09/2015

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Nicola Sturgeon asks opponents to back second independence referendum
(BBC News)

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has challenged Scotland's Labour and Lib Dem leaders to consider backing a second vote on Scottish independence.
The plea came after Kezia Dugdale and Willie Rennie said their members could campaign for independence.
Ms Sturgeon said she welcomed what her opponents had said but she found it a "curious tactic".
Both Labour and the Lib Dems said the first minister should concentrate on her party's record in government.

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Anniversary of referendum
Nicola Sturgeon: no shortcuts to Scottish independence
Severin Carrell and Rowena Mason (The Guardian)
Nicola Sturgeon has told Scottish National party activists “there are no shortcuts” to independence as they would still face a tough challenge to win a second referendum.
In a speech to mark the anniversary of last year’s independence vote, the first minister said that yes campaigners might be energetic and determined but they could only win by “patiently and carefully” winning over Scotland’s no voters.
With about 120 SNP MPs, MSPs and MEPs gathered in Edinburgh to hear her speak, Sturgeon said a majority of Scots remained unconvinced about the case for leaving the UK, despite some new opinion polls showing a slight lead for a yes vote.


Scottish independence debate far from over
James Cook (BBC News)
It was an elegant question, as clear as the chill water in an Angus burn.
Should Scotland be an independent country?
And for some those six words printed on four million ballot papers did not allow for any kind of doubt.
For the true believers it was simple, Scotland was a nation.
Not for these purists the distraction of debate, obsessing over the price of oil and the return on government gilts.
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David Cameron

David Cameron Thought 'S**t, We Might Lose' At Scottish Independence Vote, Lord Ashcroft Book Says
Jack Sommers (The Huffington Post)
Fears the Scots might vote for independence drove David Cameron to such panic he began having sleepless nights, Lord Ashcroft's controversial biography of the PM has claimed.
According to 'Call Me Dave', Lord Ashcroft and Isabel Oakeshott's explosive biography of the prime minister being serialised in the Daily Mail, Cameron lost his "calm" after the shock poll showed Yes in the lead less than two weeks from election day.
Cameron was in Scotland at the time, staying with the Queen at her Balmoral estate and she noted the headline of one the papers reporting the poll during a "strained" breakfast with him.
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