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24 September 2015 - Pope Francis' visit to the USA

Publié par Marion Coste le 24/09/2015

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Pope Francis Meets America
Nancy Gibbs (Time)

You could call America the love child of faith and power. Never happily married, church and state for centuries flexed their muscles, fought their wars, until the Founding Fathers made peace: the Creator endowed inalienable rights, the constitution would guard them. And America grew rich and mighty, welcoming people of all faiths, favoring none, and hosting a 240-year workshop on the role of God in public life.
That genealogy felt especially relevant during Pope Francis’ first visit to the United States. Having called out the world’s superpower more than once for the sins of hubris and materialism, Francis presented himself as pastor more than righteous prophet. He got so busy taking selfies with school children on his first morning in Washington that he was 20 minutes late to the White House. There, the easy smile that lit his broad features among the children dissolved into a look of distant contemplation‹as if to say that the Almighty does not make political endorsements. When the Pope closed his remarks with the words, “God bless America,” it was a prayer, not a boast.

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Climate change
In D.C., pope weighs in on climate, poverty, immigration to start U.S. tour
Sarah Pulliam Bailey, Michelle Boorstein, Steve Hendrix (The Washington Post)
A fast-moving Pope Francis plunged into his first U.S. visit with gusto Wednesday, embracing the adulation of jubilant crowds as he crisscrossed Washington and confronted enduring controversies that included global warming, immigration and the clergy abuse scandal.
The popular pontiff, who has captured the imagination of religious and secular Americans with his humble style, began to establish an in-the-flesh identity as a committed champion of the poor, the dispossessed and the planet. But he also positioned himself as a loyal adherent of church teachings and hierarchies that are much less popular than he is, pushing back, Vatican watchers said, on efforts to enlist him on either side of the culture wars.

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders Really Likes What Pope Francis Is All About
Ashley Alman (The Huffington Post)
Sen Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) can't seem to hold back his excitement about Pope Francis, the Catholic leader widely heralded for his commitment to social issues.
Though Sanders' praise of Pope Francis is nothing new, he's taken many opportunities to reiterate his support since the pope's arrival to the United States Tuesday afternoon. In a floor speech that took place just as the pope was landing in Washington, the senator and Democratic presidential hopeful lauded Pope Francis for "speaking out with courage and brilliance about some of the most important issues facing our world." The speech went on for 11 minutes.
Later Tuesday, in an interview with with MSNBC's Chris Hayes, Sanders said he believed Pope Francis "has played just an extraordinary and brilliant and courageous role on this planet over the last several years."
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Progressive Pope Francis' Speech to Congress May Make GOP Squirm
Andrew Rafferty (NBC News)
If Pope Francis' speech at the White House was any indication of what he has planned for his historic address to Congress on Thursday, Republicans may be in an awkward spot.
The leader of the Catholic Church on Wednesday used his first remarks on U.S. soil to call for a "truly tolerant and inclusive" society and said: "As the son of an immigrant family, I am happy to be a guest in this country, which was largely built by such families."
The comments present a stark contrast to the debate that has consumed the presidential race this week. Candidates on both sides of the aisle have decried Republican White House hopeful Ben Carson's suggestion that a Muslim should not be president.
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