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2 June 2015 - US airport security to be reformed

Publié par Clifford Armion le 06/02/2015

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Reforms ordered after US airports fail security testing
Staff (BBC News)
A top US official has pledged reforms after tests found that airport screeners allowed mock explosives and weapons through security checkpoints 95% of the time.
Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson on Monday called for revised security procedures in airports across the US.
In one test, a screener failed to find a fake bomb taped to an agent's back despite patting the man down.
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Homeland Security to beef up airport security screening after report
Melanie Eversley (USA Today)
Random covert testing, intensive training and equipment checks are among several changes Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson announced Monday after an internal investigation found flaws in the nation's airport security screening system.
Johnson said he is not at liberty to reveal details of an inspector general report on the effectiveness of the nation's airport security screening system, but he did make reference in a statement released by the Department of Homeland Security to "vulnerabilities" mentioned in the report.
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Homeland to Revise Airport Screening; TSA Head Reassigned
Lou Kesten (ABC News)
Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson on Monday reassigned the leader of the Transportation Security Administration and directed the agency to revise airport security procedures, retrain officers and retest screening equipment in airports across the country.
The TSA's acting administrator, Melvin Carraway, is being reassigned to a different job in the Department of Homeland Security. Acting Deputy Director Mark Hatfield will lead the agency until a new administrator is appointed.
The directives come after the agency's inspector general briefed Johnson on a report analyzing vulnerabilities in airport security — specifically, the ability to bring prohibited items through TSA checkpoints.
Johnson would not describe the results of the classified report, but said he takes the findings "very seriously."
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US airport security shakeup after fake weapons missed by screenings
Agencies (The Guardian)
Johnson said in a statement that Melvin Carraway, acting administrator of the TSA, was being reassigned to another section of homeland security. The TSA acting deputy director, Mark Hatfield, would lead the agency until a replacement was appointed.
Johnson noted that President Barack Obama had nominated coast guard Vice Admiral Pete Neffenger to be the next TSA administrator and urged the US Senate to confirm his nomination as quickly as possible.
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