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2 February 2015 - Magna Carta 800th anniversary

Publié par Clifford Armion le 02/02/2015

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British Library reunites Magna Carta copies for 800th anniversary
Mark Brown (The Guardian)
The only remaining original copies of Magna Carta, one of the world’s most enduringly influential documents, are to on Monday be brought together for the first and probably only time.
Two copies in the British Library’s collection will be joined by one from Lincoln Cathedral and one from Salisbury Cathedral to mark the 800th anniversary of an agreement that has become a symbol of liberty and law.
The four copies will remain at the British Library for three days. On Tuesday 1,215 people who won a ballot to see them – randomly selected from 43,715 applicants from 20 countries – will be given access.
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Magna Carta explained for its 800th anniversary
Staff (The Irish Examiner)
This year is a big one for historic anniversaries. We’ve had the 750th anniversary of Parliament coming up, we’ve got all sorts of World War One centenaries heading our way, plus the Battle of Waterloo will be 200 years old.
But arguably the most important was the granting of Magna Carta 800 years ago. Actually, in many ways this medieval agreement led to all those other anniversaries, and it still underpins our society today.
So, just to avoid any confusion in the following months, we thought it’d be good to get to the bottom of what Magna Carta is, why it happened, and what it does today.
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Now yew'll live for ever, Magna Carta: Tree that bore witness as King John sealed Charter saved for eternity
Jonathan Petre (The Daily Mail)
It was the tree beneath which King John sealed the Magna Carta – the document that first ushered in the basic rights that underpin British democracy to this day.
Now, exactly eight centuries after that historic event, experts have preserved the yew tree for eternity.
Saplings grown from cuttings of the tree have been planted in a hedge in Edinburgh’s Botanic Gardens, added to those of other historic yews as part of a conservation project.
The Ankerwycke yew, which has a girth of 26ft and stands in a water meadow on the flood plain of the Thames, is now approximately 2,000 years old.
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Justice campaigners propose boycott of Magna Carta anniversary summit
Owen Bowcott (The Guardian)
Magna Carta, agreed to by King John on 15 June, 1215, was the triumphant achievement of rebellious barons. This month, ahead of the 800th anniversary, a protest by lawyers will challenge the manner in which it is being commemorated.
A Global Law Summit, a three-day event endorsed by the prime minister and open to those prepared to pay up to £1,750 for a ticket, is designed to showcase British justice to an international clientele. It will include a number of high-profile attendees, and Aung San Suu Kyi, the Burmese campaigner for democracy, will appear by video link.
But the constitutional festivities from 23-25 February, which are being held in the runup to the general election in May, come at a time when human rights organisations are complaining about restrictions on access to justice, and the summit has divided the legal profession.
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