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19 November 2015 - Anonymous launches cyberattacks against ISIS

Publié par Marion Coste le 19/11/2015

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#OpISIS: Why Anonymous has declared an online war against Isil - in 90 seconds

Keely Lockhart, words by Myles Burke (The Telegraph)

On Tuesday, Anonymous posted a video declaring war on the Islamic State (or Isil), using the hashtag #OpParis.
Since then, the hacker group claim to have taken down more than 6,000 Twitter accounts linked to the terror group.
#OpParis follows its anti-Isil online campaign, called #OpISIS, after the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris in January.
Although none of the leaked Twitter details have been independently confirmed (and Anonymous has wrongly identified alleged extremists in the past), the group's hacking activities are alleged to have helped foil two terror attacks in New York and Tunisia in July 2015.

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Amateur hackers

Anonymous wants you to try hacking Islamic State sites - here's why you probably shouldn't
Anna Collinson (BBC)
Anonymous "declared war" on so-called Islamic State following the deadly attacks in Paris.
As part of its "cyber-war" on IS, the hacker group has now released several guides aimed at teaching us all how to break into IS websites and attack the network's social media accounts.
It's part of Operation Paris, or #OpParis, and one document is called a "Noobguide" for beginners.
Newsbeat speaks to experts about what this means for those tempted to try.

Impact of the attacks

Cyber War: What Can Anonymous Really Do to ISIS?
Ari Levy and Anita Balakrishnan (NCBC)
Now that Anonymous has declared cyberwar against the so-called Islamic State in retaliation for the Paris terrorist attacks, the question becomes: What can the hacker group actually do?
Taking over and shutting down Twitter accounts is a logical first step. But the real prize, experts say, is in fundamentally disrupting the militant group's recruiting mechanism. ISIS pitches its radical Islamist message through e-mail, Web chat, Skype calls and YouTube videos, and more recently it promoted a mobile messaging app called Telegram.
An Anonymous spokesman in a trademark Guy Fawkes mask said in a still unverified YouTube clip that the group "will launch the biggest ever operation" against ISIS, according to transcripts of the French video.
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War of insults

ISIS Calls Anonymous ‘Idiots’ in Response to Their Declaration of War
Ben Ellman (The New York Magazine)
In a post on the encrypted smartphone-messaging app Telegram, the Islamic Cyber Army, an affiliate of the Islamic State militant group, called the Western hacker group Anonymous “idiots” for declaring war on ISIS last weekend. Anonymous made a declaration vowing “massive cyber attacks” in a video posted to YouTube on November 14, the day after the coordinated attacks on Paris. Since Saturday the video has been viewed more than 6 million times.
The Islamic Cyber Army attempted to make a joke: “What they gonna hack…all they can do is hacking twitter accounts, emails, etc…”
Yesterday, Anonymous did exactly that. The hacker group made its first strike by releasing a list of 5,500 Twitter accounts believed to be related to ISIS in an effort to have them suspended. ISIS is known for using Twitter as a means of spreading propaganda and communicating with potential new members. However, their campaign to take down social-media accounts related to the militant group is unlikely to disrupt any of its day-to-day workings.
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