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17 September 2015 - Second Republican Debate: Carly Fiorina dominates

Publié par Marion Coste le 17/09/2015

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Fiorina emerges in GOP debate, but Trump still dominates conversation
David A. Fahrenthold (The Washington Post)

The second Republican debate, a three-hour affair that veered from sophomoric insults to policy to late-night silliness, ended after 11 p.m. Wednesday, with an outsider candidate — former tech executive Carly Fiorina — challenging front-runner Donald Trump in a way few rivals have.
Fiorina, who hadn’t even been on the main stage for the August debate, jabbed Trump for his insults of her appearance, and for his record as a businessman. She pointed out that Trump had lost money in his famous Atlantic City casinos. “You ran up mountains of debt, as well as losses, using other people’s money,” Fiorina said. “Why should we trust you to manage the finances of this nation.”

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Donald Trump
A New Stage but a Familiar Donald Trump: The Brawler
Adam Nagourney (The New York Times)
Donald J. Trump arrived at the second Republican presidential debate dominating the field but facing a critical question: Would he use the moment to move beyond attention-grabbing theatrics and present himself as a candidate many voters could envision as the party’s nominee — not to mention as president of the United States?
But as became clear within minutes, there would be no new Mr. Trump taking the stage at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library on Wednesday night. Rather than ignore prodding from his opponents — which is what a more traditional candidate who found himself ahead in almost every state and national poll might do — Mr. Trump not only went on the attack, but even focused his attention on candidates like Rand Paul who polls suggest is anything but a threat to him, and George E. Pataki, whose standing is so low he was not even on the same stage but was relegated to a debate earlier in the evening.

Winners and losers

CNN's Republican debate: Winners and losers
Jeremy Diamond (CNN)
Three hours and 11 candidates later, here's our quick take on the winners and losers of CNN's Republican debate Wednesday night at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.
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Republican Debate: Analysis of the Presidential Candidates
(The New York Times)
The New York Times provided real-time analysis as the Republican presidential hopefuls discussed the issues on CNN.
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