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17 December 2015 - Prince Charles receives confidential Cabinet papers

Publié par Marion Coste le 17/12/2015

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Anger after revelation Prince Charles receives secret Cabinet papers

(ITV, 16/12/2015)

Prince Charles routinely receives copies of secret Cabinet papers, it has been revealed.
It came to light following a three-year freedom of information battle between campaign group Republic and the Cabinet Office.
As heir to the throne, Charles is included in a list of government ministers who are on the Cabinet's "standard circulation list".
However, the Cabinet Office' "Precedent Book" states the need for secrecy is so great that Cabinet ministers are handed copies in person.

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Role of the Queen

Prince Charles blasted for 'unacceptable' access to top-secret Government papers
(Express, 16/12/2015)
After a three-year court battle, the amount of confidential information sent to the Prince has now been revealed in a secret Government dossier for the first time today.
The Government paperwork handed over to the Prince of Wales for more than 20 years was so secret it was even locked in a cupboard in a sealed office on a secure corridor.
The confidential papers are shown to the Queen and only the most senior ministers, giving the heir to the throne an "extraordinary" access to classified information.
Royal critics have pounced on the release, blasting the Prince for "meddling" in politics.

"In the public interest"
Prince Charles viewing Cabinet documents is 'in the public interest' senior MP claims
Joseph Watts (Evening Standard, 15/12/2015)
Allowing Prince Charles to see secret Cabinet documents and discuss them in private with ministers is perfectly proper, a senior MP claimed today.
Tory Bernard Jenkin said it was no surprise the heir to the throne, previously criticised for “meddling” in government, receives the documents.
But critics today claimed the Prince’s tendency to express strong opinions on policy publicly means his access to the documents and ability to lobby ministers is “a very real problem”.
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Labour demands inquiry into Prince Charles's access to cabinet papers
Robert Booth (The Guardian, 16/10/2015)
Labour has called for an inquiry into how and why Prince Charles has access to confidential cabinet papers.
Clive Lewis, the shadow energy and climate change minister, demanded a review into the heir to the throne’s access to ministerial paperwork after it emerged he has been granted access for decades to high-level government policy dossiers.
Lewis said: “He is one of the most powerful lobbyists in the country and he has more information than some of the ministers he is lobbying. That is not right or proper.
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