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15 September 2015 - Australian PM Tony Abbott ousted by Malcolm Turnbull

Publié par Marion Coste le 15/09/2015

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Malcolm Turnbull Defeats Tony Abbott to Become Prime Minister of Australia
Michelle Innis (The New York Times)

Malcolm Turnbull, a former investment banker and lawyer, was sworn in as prime minister of Australia on Tuesday, after defeating Tony Abbott in a vote of Liberal Party lawmakers.
The vote Monday night was the second challenge to Mr. Abbott’s leadership in seven months. He came to power in September 2013.
Mr. Turnbull, 60, is a moderate whose views, most recently on same-sex marriage, had conflicted with those of Mr. Abbott, 57. The Liberals, despite their name, are the more conservative of Australia’s two major parties.
The new prime minister is likely to be more open to the outside world and less conservative in approach than Mr. Abbott.

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Malcolm Turbull
Liberal leadership spill: Business ecstatic after Malcolm Turnbull win
Michael Smith (Financial Review)
Corporate Australia woke up on Tuesday feeling confident about the country's economic direction for the first time in years.
Many won't talk about it in public, but senior executives and directors are privately ecstatic about Malcolm Turnbull's prime ministership and said they looked forward to a period of "grown up" government.
The most obvious upside for business is that it clears up months of leadership instability is should give a much-needed injection to business and consumer confidence.

Tony Abbott's final speech

Tony Abbott's final speech as Prime Minister of Australia
(The Sydney Morning Herald)
Thank you for being here.
This is not an easy day for many people in this building. Leadership changes are never easy for our country. My pledge today is to make this change as easy as I can.
There will be no wrecking, no undermining and no sniping. I've never leaked or backgrounded against anyone and I certainly won't start now.
Our country deserves better than that.
I want our government and our country to succeed. I always have and I always will. I've consistently said in opposition and in government that being the prime minister is not an end in itself; it's about the people you serve. The great privilege that I have had is to see the wonder of this country like few others. And I want to thank the Australian people for giving me the honour to serve.
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#PutOutYourOnions: Tony Abbott remembered as #LibSpill reaches fever pitch
Elle Hunt (The Guardian)
First it was on. Then, six hours later, it was over. The speed with which Malcolm Turnbull ousted Tony Abbott as Australian prime minister left social media racing to keep up.
According to the digital analytics agency Max Kelsen, 93,488 unique tweets pertaining to the leadership challenge were sent on Monday. Factoring in retweets and news articles, that figure skyrockets to 344,925.
At its peak, 70,641 tweets were sent in the hour to 10pm, after the party whip Scott Buchholz’s announcement of the results of the spill motion at 9.50pm and armchair pundits furiously filed their takes.
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