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12 May 2015 - Tornadoes in Arkansas and Texas

Publié par Clifford Armion le 05/12/2015

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Tornadoes kill at least 5 in Arkansas, Texas as winds of 125 mph and above wreak havoc in four states
Meg Wagner (New York Daily News)
A band of tornadoes tore through the nation’s middle Sunday, killing at least five people in Texas and Arkansas, including a couple who died saving their baby girl.
Between 20 and 25 twisters hammered South Dakota, Iowa, Oklahoma and Texas, according to preliminary reports cited by Greg Carbin of the Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Okla.
More thunderstorms are expected from Texas to the Great Lakes Monday night as the damaging system moves eastward.
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Floods force rescues, twisters wreak havoc
Staff (CBS News)
South Dakota was the center of weather extremes Sunday, with a tornado damaging a small town and injuring at least nine people on the eastern side of the state and more than a foot of snow blanketing the Black Hills to the west.
The storms continued tearing up the country's heartland overnight, reportedly killing two people and injuring dozens in northeast Texas and southwest Arkansas.
CBS affiliate KSLA-TV reported that two victims were found dead in Nashville, Arkansas, about 50 miles north of Texarkana, according to the local sheriff's office. KSLA said many homes in the area were severely damaged as reported tornadoes touched down.
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Van, Texas Tornado: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know
Tom Cleary (Heavy)
At least two people were killed after a tornado struck Van, Texas on Sunday, damaging about 30 percent of the small town in the Eastern part of the state, CNN reports.
The area was under a tornado warning, but the storm hit fast and gave residents only minutes to get to safety, said Chuck Allen, the Van Zandt County Fire Marshal and the regions emergency management coordinator.
“This storm spun up real fast and the warning time was extremely limited,” Allen told the Dallas Morning News. “Damages range from completely destroyed homes, damaged homes, to trees and power lines down.”
The tornado was part of a severe storm system that devastated a large swath of the country, leaving at least 5 dead and dozens injured over the weekend.
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Mother Nature on Mother's Day: Tornadoes, tropical storm, snow
John Bacon (USA Today)
"Our house is flat. There is nothing left," said Stephanie Lunder, 34, of Delmont.
"What a Mother's Day ... tornado hit down just missed our home but hit my daughter in laws home in Delmont," tweeted @Jodie_Rae8.
The tornado struck around 10:45 a.m.
"One side of the town was taken away," mini-mart owner Anita Mathews said.
In Colorado, an ambulance was swept away by rushing water, but five people managed to get out the back before the ambulance became submerged in about six feet of water.
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