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11 December 2015 - First government plane carrying Syrian refugees arrives in Toronto

Publié par Marion Coste le 12/11/2015

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First Government Plane Carrying Refugees Arrives in Canada

The Associated Press (The New York Times, 11/12/2015)

The first Canadian government plane carrying Syrian refugees arrived in Toronto late Thursday where they were greeted by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who is pushing forward with his pledge to resettle 25,000 Syrian refugees by the end of February.
The welcome given to the military flight carrying 163 refugees stands in stark contrast to the United States. Canada's much more populous southern neighbor plans to take in just 10,000 Syrian refugees over the next year, and even that is provoking opposition. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump caused a worldwide uproar with a proposal to temporarily block Muslims from entering the U.S.
The flight from Jordan arrived just before midnight carrying the first of two large groups of Syrian refugees to arrive in the country by government aircraft.

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Justin Trudeau welcomes refugees

Trudeau on hand to greet government's first refugee flight to Toronto
Stephanie Levitz (Ottawa Citizen, 10/12/2015)
Trudeau was joined by the ministers of immigration, health and defence, and by Premier Kathleen Wynne, Toronto Mayor John Tory and the opposition immigration critics.
The prime minister thanked the staff and volunteers helping to process and welcome the 163 refugees ahead of the arrival of the military aircraft. All of the Syrians on board are being sponsored by private groups, many of whom had filed the paperwork months ago. An estimated 4.3 million Syrians have been displaced by the ongoing civil war in that country.
More than 400 refugees have already arrived on commercial flights since the Liberals took office on Nov. 4

Canada's diversity
Justin Trudeau: Syrian Refugee Plan An Example Of Canada's Diversity
Bruce Cheadle (The Huffington Post Canada, 11/12/2015)
Two weeks ago, I was in Kuwait participating in an I.M.F. seminar for Arab educators. For 30 minutes, we discussed the impact of technology trends on education in the Middle East. And Prime Minister Justin Trudeau attempted to make a virtue of the hottest domestic issue on his plate Wednesday, using the international stage to pitch the Liberal government's Syrian refugee settlement plan as a shining global example.
"We have a responsibility — to ourselves and to the world — to show that inclusive diversity is a strength and a force that can vanquish intolerance, radicalism and hate," Trudeau said in a speech to a well-heeled crowd at Canada House in central London.
Trudeau's politically charged appeal plumbed many of the themes of the October election that vaulted his Liberals to power and it came a day after his government revealed a revised timeline for accepting some 25,000 refugees fleeing civil war and Islamic terrorism in Syria.
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Refugees settling in

Syrian Refugees Canada: 5 Challenges The Newcomers Will Face After They Arrive
The Canadian Press (The Huffington Post Canada, 12/10/2015)
1) Getting to know Canada. Normally, refugees are given detailed orientation sessions abroad before they board flights to Canada. The programs are run by the International Organization for Migration and cover everything from how to dress for winter to making a household budget. But the nature of this programs means very little of that is happening before the refugees arrive in Canada and they'll have to learn as they go. In the case of the first flights, all the Syrians have private sponsors who will be responsible for much of the teaching.
2) Canada getting to know them. In the case of refugees who have private sponsors, they've likely been in touch in recent weeks. Many exchange photos and videos and the sponsors also have a case file on their new charges that gives details such as ages, education and sometimes religion. But in the case of government-sponsored refugees, the government has statistics and basic information, but not much else. The language barrier — many will only speak Arabic — will be one of the first hurdles to overcome.
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