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10 November 2015 - Jeb Bush's campaign reboot

Publié par Marion Coste le 11/10/2015

Activer le mode zen

Jeb is flailing. It’s a surprisingly pleasant thing to watch.

Ben Adler (The Washington Post)

Winning always feels good, but — admit it — watching your most despised opponent lose brings a singular kind of satisfaction. And for those on the left of the political aisle, this Republican primary campaign is giving us the greatest gift imaginable: The Bushes are losing!
Even more gratifying is the (almost) pitiable, sad-sack manner in which Jeb Bush is going about it. “There is a special delight in watching the Bush balloon lose air and basically collapse,” says Robert Borosage, co-director of Campaign for America’s Future, a liberal advocacy group. A delight “that every liberal will feel after fighting the Bush wars against his brother.”
We know, after all, what a lot of liberals thought of George W. Bush: arrogant, dishonest and not very bright. But one insult you would never hear used to describe W is “loser.” He was infuriating precisely because his life was a string of undeserved wins, from college admissions to presidential elections. Macho swagger, with the implication it carries of knowing you’re a winner, was his trademark. Now W’s younger brother Jeb is running for president, and liberals can cheer: Thank God he’s such a loser!

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Change of image

Jeb Bush seeks to shed Mr. Nice Guy image
MJ Lee (CNN)
There's a new Jeb Bush on the campaign trail: More combative with his rivals, fired up in his speeches, looser and candid with reporters.
The full-scale reboot -- on display last week in New Hampshire and expected in Tuesday night's debate in Wisconsin -- is meant to transform a self-described introvert not naturally inclined to dramatic flair into a candidate who can compete with outsized personalities like Donald Trump and political up-and-comers like Sens. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz.
Aides and supporters describe Bush as a tough and determined campaigner, whose civil demeanor shouldn't be mistaken for a lack of grit. To the extent that his tone has changed, advisers say, that reflects a growing urgency that hangs over all the candidates as voting draws nearer.

Campaign Reboot

Inside Jeb Bush's campaign reboot
Ashley Killough (CNN)
Jeb Bush knows he has to become a stronger candidate and show more command on the debate stage. And he also hears from countless supporters and well-wishers who encourage him to just be himself.
Therein lies the challenge: Can he do both?
Bush, an accomplished two-term governor of Florida, is at his best when he's fielding nuanced policy questions from informed voters at town halls and has the space to deliver impressive answers that show his fluency in complex issues. It's a different atmosphere from what he will face Tuesday night in Milwaukee for the next GOP presidential debate.
Time and time again, voters walk away from his events wowed by his familiarity with some of their most complex questions, ranging from Eastern European politics to child welfare programs.
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Killing Hitler

Would Jeb Bush kill the baby Adolf Hitler given the chance? 'Hell yeah!'
Mahita Gajanan (The Guardian)
The Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush on Monday considered the “baby Hitler” debate, during an interview with the Huffington Post.
The debate arose on Twitter in October, after the New York Times Magazine asked readers if, in order to alter the course of history for the better, they would be willing to go back in time and kill the baby Adolf Hitler.
When the Huffington Post asked the question, in an on-camera interview filmed on the Bush campaign bus in New Hampshire, the former Florida governor had a clear and quick response.
“Hell yeah, I would!” he said. “You gotta step up, man.”
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