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10 March 2015 - Apple watch on its way

Publié par Clifford Armion le 03/10/2015

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First look: Apple Watch may be all it is clocked up to be
Edward C. Baig (USA Today)
SAN FRANCISCO — After a year and half of speculation, an Apple Watch was on my wrist.
I got to try one out for size for a few minutes in a demonstration area outside where Tim Cook announced details on Apple's smartwatch. These include when it arrives (April 24) and what it'll cost ($349 on up to $10,000). The best I can say is that it felt like a watch, not overly heavy or burdensome.
Among the first things that struck me, though, was that this is going to require a bit of a learning curve. I kept, for example, wanting to pinch and zoom on the watch face when all that was required was to scroll the digital crown on the side, which in itself took some getting used to. Just below that crown is a button, so you have to learn when to use the crown, when to use the button and when for that matter to tap or swipe against the screen. Forgive the pun, but time will indeed tell how long it will take to get up to speed.
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Apple's watch won't rescue gold bugs
Mark Gilbert (The Chicago Tribune)
The speculation in part reflects the desperation of gold bugs who only ever seem to see reasons to buy. But it's also indicative of just how powerful Apple has become, even if all it's doing is basically inventing a better mousetrap and then selling the same product in a variety of different sizes.
"Apple may consume up to 756 metric tonnes of gold per year in the production of its new luxury Apple watch," was Friday's breathless e-mail from a company called Goldcore, which provides buying and selling services for precious metals. "This equates to roughly one-third of gold's total annual global mine supply. May have enormous ramifications for gold market and propel prices higher."
Yes, you read that right. Apple, if the gold bugs are to be believed, will hoover up a third of the world's gold every year to bling its timepieces.
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Apple Watch: available 24 April for between $349 and $17,000
Samuel Gibbs (The Guardian)
Apple has announced that its first smartwatch, the Apple Watch, will start at $349 for the smaller model and $399 for the larger, and be available to pre-order and preview in the US and Europe on April 10, and available to buy from April 24. The price of the watch rises to more than $10,000 for the solid gold Apple Watch edition.
Chief executive Tim Cook took to the stage in at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco to demonstrate Apple’s first completely new product since the death of founder Steve Jobs.
The Watch will act as a second screen for an iPhone, showing customisable watch faces, texts, calls and other notifications, as well as running widget-style apps powered by the smartphone connected over Bluetooth.
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Apple Watch Displays Your Digital World, at a Glance
Farhad Manjoo (The New York Times)
It’s a perfectly nice-looking watch. In its higher-end configurations — for instance, the stainless steel middle tier, with the steel-mesh Milanese loop wristband, which starts at $650 — the Apple Watch comes close to being beautiful, and it is certainly one of the best-looking computers you can buy for your wrist.
Yet it’s hard to forget that it is a computer for your wrist. Even in its top-end versions, it lacks the understated elegance of old-fashioned high-end analog watches. Apple is doing something unusual here: It is trying to create an electronic device that matches the timeless appeal of a piece of jewelry.
I’m not quite sure Apple pulled that off in this version. The electronic watch face is a bit chunky compared with the high-end band, so the overall impression is one of a mash-up between jewelry and gadgets. I’m reminded of the first-generation iPad or iPhone: The Apple Watch may look a bit more stylish than any other techie watch you can buy, but I can’t help but dream about the third- or fourth-generation version, when everything is likely to become smaller, thinner, tighter and more elegant.
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