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08 October 2015 - Walthamstow street shut after mass brawl involving 200 people

Publié par Marion Coste le 10/08/2015

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Walthamstow Fight: 100 Police Officers End Brawl Between 200 Teenagers Outside Tube Station
Paul Vale (The Huffington Post)
Police shut down a street in the London suburb of Walthamstow on Tuesday evening after a fight of more than 200 people broke out outside a Tube station.
Videos appeared on social media showing teenagers, men and women, scrapping on the street and brawling on the floor, with police closing Hoe Street outside the station to wrest control of the situation.
The incident, described as a “gang fight” on twitter, required more than 100 officers and 20 police cars. Remarkably, no injuries were reported, though police arrested three people in connection with the dust up. Read on...

Cause of the riots
Walthamstow brawl: girls' dispute over boy sparked violent clashes
Nadia Khomami (The Guardian)
A mass brawl that closed a busy London high street for hours started as an altercation between two young women over their relationship with a young man.
About 200 people aged 16-20 are thought to have been involved in the fighting in Walthamstow, east London, at about 5pm on Tuesday.
Footage posted online under the hashtag #Walthamstowriots showed large groups of teenagers shouting and beating each other as Metropolitan police officers tried to restrain them. Some could be seen wrestling on the floor.
Stella Creasy, the Labour MP for Walthamstow, said on Wednesday that the fight was not a gang-related incident, contrary to earlier reports. In an online post, she wrote: “I have today been in touch with police, local college representatives and local community youth groups and representatives.
“It is now confirmed the source of yesterday’s disorder was an altercation between two young women, from two different local colleges. It was not a gang-related incident but rather concerned a dispute involving their personal relationship with a young man.”

Street violence

Walthamstow 'riots': The dark truth about female street violence
Radhika Sanghani (The Telegraph)
Walthamstow was taken over by around 200 young people fighting on its streets last night. Smartphone footage posted to Twitter shows teenage girls pulling one another's hair, police breaking up brawls and people hitting each other with baseball bats.
The incident quickly earned its own hashtags #Walthamstow and #WalthamstowRiots, which started trending on Twitter. Police were forced to close off the street outside Walthamstow Central tube station in London and though no one was seriously injured, three people were arrested.
When the 200-strong group of 16-20 year olds eventually dispersed around 9pm, locals said the streets were left littered with hair extensions, nose rings and push-up bras.
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Police patrols increased

Walthamstow 'riots': Police to step up patrols as officers scour CCTV
Ramzy Alwakeel (The Evening Standard)
Police are stepping up patrols in Walthamstow town centre today following a huge brawl that saw teenagers pulling each other’s hair out and fighting with cricket bats while hundreds looked on.
It comes amid fears the violence could flare up on a third consecutive night, with yesterday's fight following a similar smaller incident in a nearby McDonald’s the previous evening.
Scotland Yard was today trawling through hours of footage from Twitter, Facebook and council CCTV cameras to pick out key figures involved in the so-called “beef”. Pictures will then be put to the Force’s specialist team of “super-recognisers”.
Police added they would run “high-visibility” patrols around Hoe Street to stop any repeat of last night’s incident, which lasted until officers broke up the crowds at about 8.45pm.
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