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7 November 2014 - Ebola update

Publié par Clifford Armion le 11/07/2014

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Ebola expert warns of tragedy in British hospitals due to safety failings
Anthony Gardner (The Independent)
A leading global expert on the Ebola virus has warned there will be “tragedy” in a British hospital – because safety procedures are not being followed strictly enough to prevent medical staff from becoming infected.
Dr Simon Mardel, a British expert on viral haemorrhagic fevers who has just been appointed as the World Health Organisation’s international clinical co-ordinator in its bid to control Ebola, said that infection control in NHS hospitals was still not up to standard.
“As the Mid-Staffordshire inquiry showed, there are failings of infection control in our health service, and not just in that hospital,” Dr Simon Mardel told The Independent.
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Ebola-free Kent Brantly roams U.S. giving blood, dispelling fear
Greg Lacour and Caroline Chen (The Chicago Tribune)
Just two weeks after Kent Brantly, the first person to be treated on U.S. soil for Ebola, walked out of Emory University Hospital cured of the deadly virus, he received a call.
Another doctor, Rick Sacra, was infected. Would he be willing to donate some of his blood?
"I said, 'I would give Rick Sacra my right arm if it would help him,' " Brantly told reporters at an event in North Carolina.
Brantly, 33, who was infected with Ebola while working as a missionary doctor in Liberia, became a household name on Aug. 2 as cable-news outlets showed him walking, covered in protective gear, into the entrance at Emory in Atlanta. Brantly now says his new mission is to raise awareness about the Ebola outbreak that has infected more than 13,000 people in West Africa, killing almost 5,000.
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Experimental Ebola drugs should not be withheld, WHO says
Sarah Boseley (The Guardian)
Scientists involved in trials of experimental drug treatments for the Ebola epidemic in west Africa should not be compelled to withhold them from some patients, says the World Health Organisation, despite objections from the US that it is the only way to be sure they work.
The Food and Drug Administration, which licences medicines in the US, believes the Ebola drug trials should be set up in west Africa on the “gold standard” model designed to provide a conclusive answer as to whether they have an effect. The FDA says the trials should be randomised and controlled – which means giving experimental drugs to one group of patients, selected at random, but not to others, so death rates and other outcomes in the two groups can be compared.
Other scientists, including those at the University of Oxford who are currently preparing for trials in the epidemic region, say that with a death rate of 70% and fear and suspicion of hospitals running high in the three worst affected countries in west Africa, it is not possible to run the sort of trial that would be standard in the UK or US. Instead, they are designing alternatives that will reach an answer but without depriving some patients of a drug that might possibly help them survive. The virus has claimed more than 4,800 lives since the outbreak began in December.
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Facebook looks to raise awareness, money to fight Ebola
Jessica Guynn (USA Today)
SAN FRANCISCO — Just weeks after Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg gave $25 million to fight Ebola in Africa, his company is rolling out three initiatives to raise awareness — and more money.
Unlike the billions of dollars that flowed to relief agencies in the aftermath of major natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis, charitable giving to battle the Ebola outbreak has been trickling into the stricken region.
Which is why Facebook is using its global reach to send an urgent message to its 1.3 billion users: Nonprofit groups on the front lines of the humanitarian crisis in West Africa need help.
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