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7 February 2014 - David Cameron stands against Scottish independence

Publié par Clifford Armion le 02/07/2014

David Cameron aims to harness the 'Team GB' spirit to beat back support for Scottish independence

Nigel Morris (The Independent)
David Cameron will attempt to capture the Olympic spirit of “Team GB” today in an effort to rally opposition across the United Kingdom to Scottish independence.
Following signs that support for separation is growing north of the border, he will warn against complacency over the result of the referendum vote, insisting its outcome is “still up in the air”.
The Prime Minister will deliver his patriotic appeal at the site of the 2012 London Olympics, which he will argue symbolises the combined strength of the four parts of the UK pulling together.
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Another point of view

We must all urge Scotland to stay in UK, says David Cameron
James Kirkup (The Telegraph)
English, Welsh and Northern Irish nationals should all urge Scottish voters to reject independence, David Cameron will say on Friday, exhorting people throughout the UK to join together to “save the most extraordinary country in history”.
The Prime Minister will use a speech to encourage people not to stand idle as the Scots debate independence before their referendum, beseeching them to “do whatever it takes” to maintain the Union.
Before the vote later this year, the rest of the UK should send the message: “We want you to stay”.
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Some context

Alistair Carmichael: 'Nationalists say Scotland and England have different values. That's not true'
Daniel Boffey (The Guardian)
It was the week that the Scottish referendum debate jolted into life. A poll, seemingly going against the grain of popular opinion, suggested a quite sudden swing in support to those seeking an independent Scotland, putting those in favour of the union at 44% compared with the Yes campaign's 37% – narrowing the gap by 10% since September 2013.
Meanwhile, depending on one's position on the referendum, the governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, either warned that a standalone Scotland would lose its fiscal independence anyway if it used the pound or, for the first time, accepted that a deal could be done to allow Scots to retain sterling post-independence, giving encouragement to the SNP's plans.
The starting whistle was truly blown on the race to decide Scotland's future – certainly, at least, for the spin doctors interpreting the latest twists and turns.
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Legal advice on Scottish EU membership 'within weeks'
David Leask (Herald Scotland)
Bombarded by demands for clarity on the issue from politicians in the UK and Spain, MEPs have sought a formal ­opinion from their own lawyers.
Their decision will be a major test of the legal robustness of the ­Scottish Government's view - shared by some experts but rejected by others - that it can seamlessly join Europe in a quick treaty amendment under the so-called Article 48.
It comes as Prime Minister David Cameron, who believes Scotland would have to apply for membership as a new state under another EU Treaty article, Number 49, will today urge the English, Welsh and Northern Irish to "lovebomb" Scots with memories of shared Olympic glory.
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