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6 November 2014 - GOP wins midterm elections

Publié par Clifford Armion le 11/06/2014

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After midterm rout, Obama says he got nation’s message
David Nakamura and Juliet Eilperin (The Washington Post)
After a stinging rebuke at the polls, President Obama vowed Wednesday to respond to the frustrations of the American electorate by using his final two years to forge compromises with newly empowered congressional Republicans and break the political gridlock that has defined Washington over the past several years.
“I hear you,” Obama said at a White House news conference, a day after voters gave the GOP unilateral control over the legislative branch and dealt a blow to Obama’s agenda after six years in office.
“Obviously, Republicans had a good night, and they deserve credit for running good campaigns,” the president said. But he emphasized that there was a message for both parties in the results — and the two more years of divided government they will produce: “The American people . . . expect the people they elect to work as hard as they do. They expect us to focus on their ambitions and not ours. They want us to get the job done. All of us in both parties have a responsibility to address that sentiment.”
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Battles ahead

Obama, Republicans sound conciliatory note but battles loom
Staff (The Chicago Tribune)
President Barack Obama and his powerful U.S. Senate adversary struck a conciliatory tone on Wednesday, but Obama's plans to proceed with new immigration rules foreshadowed a bumpy start to his relationship with a Republican-controlled Congress.
Obama and Mitch McConnell, who will become majority leader when Republicans take charge in the Senate in January, signaled they hoped to get past a previously frosty relationship to pass legislation on priorities on which they can both agree.
Republicans swept elections on Tuesday, capturing their biggest majority in the House of Representatives in more than 60 years and gaining a majority in the Senate for the first time since 2006. The election result limits what Obama can achieve without bipartisan support during his final two years in office.
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Clinton backers, Democrats gear up for 2016
Fredreka Schouten (USA Today)
WASHINGTON — Democratic strategists and donors Wednesday sought to quickly pivot away from their coast-to-coast midterm defeats, and prepare for the 2016 political battleground that includes the high-stakes presidential fight and more than two-dozen Senate races.
Groups backing Hillary Rodham Clinton's likely candidacy, for instance, plan major gatherings with donors in the weeks ahead. On Nov. 20, a super PAC called Correct the Record will hold a lunch with current and prospective donors in New York City. A day later, top donors to another pro-Clinton group, Ready for Hillary, will meet for a strategy session.
"When the clock struck 12, the Republican and Democratic presidential races sort of started, even though we don't know what the field looks like," said David Brock, the founder of pro-Democratic American Bridge, an opposition-research group. Correct the Record is an American Bridge arm focused on defending Clinton's record.
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GOP’s 2016 Hopes on Rise
Beth Reinhard (The Wall Street Journal)
GOP victories on Tuesday in a handful of swing states once carried by President Barack Obama are buoying the party’s hopes for taking back the White House in 2016.
Republicans Cory Gardner in Colorado, Thom Tillis in North Carolina and Joni Ernst in Iowa clinched Senate seats. Republican governors also won second terms in Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin and Michigan.
Mr. Obama won all of these swing states at least once, in part because of a superior voter-turnout operation that took advantage of demographic trends and altered the shape of the electorate.
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