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3 November 2014 - Auf wiedersehen Britain

Publié par Clifford Armion le 11/03/2014

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Auf wiedersehen, Britain: 'Merkel ready to cast UK adrift' over quotas on migrant workers
Oliver Wright (The Independent)
The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, has warned David Cameron she would be prepared to see Britain leave the EU rather than give in to his demands for new quotas on migrant workers coming to the UK.
Ms Merkel is understood to have told the Prime Minister he is approaching a “point of no return” where his demands for changes in Britain’s relationship with the EU are not acceptable to Germany.
Her comments come ahead of a key speech, currently being worked on in Downing Street, in which Mr Cameron will spell out his plans for EU Labour market reform as part of his proposed renegotiation of Britain’s membership.
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PM warned he is reaching 'point of no return' in plan to reform free movement rules
Jason Groves (The Daily Mail)
The pair clashed at a summit in Brussels last month, German magazine Der Spiegel said. Citing senior officials, it said Mrs Merkel told Mr Cameron he was nearing a ‘point of no return’ with plans to introduce quotas for the number of EU workers who can come to Britain. She threatened to abandon her efforts to keep Britain in the EU unless he backed down.
One government insider was quoted on Radio Bavaria saying: ‘The time for talking is close to over.
‘Mrs Merkel feels she has done all she can to placate the UK, but will not accept immigration curbs from EU member states under any circumstances. It has come to a Mexican stand-off and it is now a question of who blinks first.’
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David Cameron refuses to pay £1.7bn EU bill by 1 December deadline
Ian Traynor (The Guardian)
David Cameron delivered his most embittered attack on the EU executive in Brussels on Friday, bluntly stating that Britain would not pay more than £1.7bn in top-up EU budget payments.
Taking his troubled relationship with the EU to fresh depths of exasperation, the prime minister said Britain had been mugged by the apparently sudden and unanticipated demand for €2.1bn, a bill sent by the European commission to the UK Treasury last Friday, with the request that it be paid by 1 December.
The budget contribution demand, deriving from better than expected performance by the British economy apparently over the past four years, exploded into the centre of an EU summit in Brussels devoted to climate change policies.
“You don’t need a Cluedo set to know that someone has been clubbed with a lead pipe in the library,” Cameron said.
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German context

Angela Merkel to block David Cameron's plans for EU immigration cap
Emma Finamore (The Independent)
David Cameron’s plans to impose a cap on immigration from the EU have been thrown into disarray by Angela Merkel.
The Prime Minister has pledged to make reforms to the freedom of movement of workers within the EU a "red line" in a proposed renegotiation of the UK's membership terms, saying he wants to bring in quotas for low-skilled migrants from the union.
However, the German Chancellor has dismissed the prospect of any radical change saying that “Germany will not tamper with the fundamental principles of free movement in the EU”, according to an interview in The Sunday Times.
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