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28 March 2014 - Church of England accepts gay marriage

Publié par Clifford Armion le 28/03/2014

Archbishop of Canterbury signals end of C of E's resistance to gay marriage

Andrew Brown (The Guardian)
The Archbishop of Canterbury has signalled that the Church of England will mount no more resistance to gay marriage among churchgoers.
Gay marriage will be legalised from Saturday with dozens of ceremonies planned around the country for one minute past midnight. This passing of the legislation caused deep rifts within the church.
"I think the church has reacted by fully accepting that it's the law, and should react on Saturday by continuing to demonstrate in word and action, the love of Christ for every human being." Justin Welby told the Guardian.
His comments mark a shift in tone, if not substance, from a letter from the bishops last month that attempted to forbid the clergy from marrying same-sex partners, and which led to a furious backlash from supporters. At least seven clergy couples are preparing to marry in defiance of their bishops, though none are known to be planning a public ceremony.
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Dagenham vicar defends Church of England gay marriage ban
Mark Shales (The Barking and Dagenham Post)
A vicar from Dagenham has this week defended his opposition to same-sex marriage on the BBC, arguing it is inconsistent to bless something “God himself has not blessed”.
Rev Steven Hanna of St Elisabeth’s Church, in Valence Wood Road, made the comments in an interview just days before gay marriage becomes legal in England and Wales.
However, Church of England guidelines ban Anglican clergy from conducting same-sex marriage ceremonies and Rev Hanna will be sticking to the rules.
He said: “As clergyman in the Church of England I don’t think it right that we should be disobeying them.
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Earlier positions

Church offers prayers after same-sex weddings – but bans gay priests from marrying
John Bingham (The Telegraph)
Gay couples who get married will be able to ask for special prayers in the Church of England after their wedding, the bishops have agreed.
But priests who are themselves in same-sex relationships or even civil partnerships will be banned from getting married when it becomes legally possible next month.
The blanket prohibition opens up the prospect of an embarrassing rebellion from gay and lesbian clergy who choose to tie the knot.
It would force local bishops to bring lengthy disciplinary measures to effectively have them defrocked for getting married.
It is understood the Church is already bracing itself for “martyrs” prepared to challenge the rules.
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La fin d'un pénible débat

Why gay marriage deserves to quietly disappear
Alice Arnold (The Telegraph)
Finally the day has nearly arrived. From this Saturday same-sex couples will be able to get married, not civilly partnered, but married. We will have exactly the same rights as everybody else.
You might assume that I have been inundated with invitations. The mantelpiece should be heaving with ‘save the date’ and ‘local Bed and Breakfast accommodation advice’, but this is not the case.
When civil partnerships were introduced at the end of 2005 there was a rush of couples to take the plunge. This was not surprising, couples who had been together for 20 years or more had waited for the chance to formalise their relationship. All of a sudden a new opportunity was open to them and many were eager to take it – as we ourselves did.
This time it is different. Those who are already in a civil partnership and want to convert this to marriage are not able to do so yet. Hopefully the Government will have sorted this out before the end of the year but in the meantime we have to wait.
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