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2 September 2014 - Sottish independence, the YES is up

Publié par Clifford Armion le 09/02/2014

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Scottish independence: yes campaign gets poll boost
Press Association (The Guardian)
Support for Scottish independence has risen eight points in a month, according to the latest poll.
The no camp is now six points ahead of the yes campaign, down from 14 points in mid-August and 22 points early last month, excluding undecided voters.
The YouGov poll found that, excluding "don't knows", 53% of those questioned planned to vote no, while 47% would say yes. This compares with 57% for no and 43% for yes in mid-August and 61% for no and 39% for yes at the beginning of last month.
Blair Jenkins, the chief executive of Yes Scotland, said: "This breakthrough poll shows that yes has the big momentum – it's an all-time high for yes support in a YouGov survey so far, and an eight-point swing from no to yes in just three weeks. We only need another three-point swing to achieve a yes for Scotland on 18 September.
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Scottish independence: Accusations of intimidation and violence fly in from supporters of both sides
Chris Green (The Independent)
To a bystander, the scene outside Heart of Midlothian’s Tynecastle Stadium on Saturday afternoon must have looked like a return to the dark days of football hooliganism: a crowd of angry men surrounding a much smaller group, shouting and throwing punches.
But in a sign of how heated the debate over Scottish independence has become, the victims of the assault outside the ground in Edinburgh were not the supporters of a rival club, but campaigners for Yes Scotland arguing for the break-up of the Union.
At least three people are believed to have been injured in the attack on members of the group Hearts Supporters for Independence, who said they had been doing nothing more provocative than handing out leaflets ahead of their team’s match against Falkirk.
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Scots 'should vote No for love of their families and country'
Simon Johnson (The Telegraph)
Scots should demonstrate they love their families and country by rejecting independence and preventing “a giant leap backwards from which we wouldn't recover,” Alistair Darling has said.
Unveiling a major new poster campaign, the Better Together leader argued the referendum is a matter of common sense rather than patriotism and Yes voters would not be “any more Scottish” if the separatists win.
Instead he argued they would “have made Scotland that bit poorer” by denying their countrymen the many advantages the UK provides and ushering in the extra spending cuts that would accompany a Yes vote.
His claim that rejecting separation meant “voting for Scotland” was accompanied by Better Together unveiling new billboard posters with slogans such: “I love my family. I’m saying No Thanks.”
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Scottish independence: Does the rest of the UK care?
Nick Eardley (BBC News)
With the Scottish referendum just weeks away, the rest of the UK is speaking up. Some want the union to stay intact; others think Scotland should go its own way. But how much do people in England, Wales and Northern Ireland care about what happens?
What do physicist Prof Stephen Hawking, TV presenter Davina McCall, comedian Russell Brand and singer Morrissey have in common? Anyone following the Scottish independence referendum might be able to tell you: They have an opinion on the issue.
The first two were signatories to the Let's Stay Together open letter - set up by a group of campaigners who do not get a vote - telling Scots they hope they vote to stay in the union.
In contrast, Mr Brand said Scottish independence was a "good idea" and Morrissey said Scotland should "cut ties with the United King-dumb".
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