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13 October 2014 - China imports British TV

Publié par Clifford Armion le 13/10/2014

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Chinese demand for British TV shows rises 40%
Mark Sweney (The Guardian)
Sales of British TV shows overseas grew 5% to almost £1.28bn last year, with formats such as The X Factor and The Great British Bake Off and dramas including Downton Abbey and Sherlock proving global hits.
The annual TV export report, published on Monday by independent producers’ trade body Pact, reveals that for the second year running China represented the fastest growing market for British shows and formats.
The Chinese have fallen for dramas including Downton Abbey and formats such as gameshow The Cube, fuelling a 40% year-on-year rise in the amount spent on programmes to £17m. Mexico was the second fastest grower, up 23% to almost £1m.
“China has probably the fastest growing and largest untapped market for UK producers and it is certainly the most intriguing,” said Paul Sandler, the mangaging director of Objective Productions, maker of The Cube. “They still have a real hunger for western formats and techniques and that represents an enormous opportunity over the next few years.”
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Top Gear China unveils hosts, aims to ‘mirror the UK show’s irreverent humour’
Staff (Mumbrella)
The world’s most popular factual entertainment show, Top Gear, is to debut a local version in China in November.
The show, a collaboration between BBC Worldwide and production partner Honyee Media, is to be fronted by pop star turned car racer Richie Jen, Chinese Idol presenter Cheng Lei and former Olympic driver Tian Liang.
British newspaper The Guardian wrote about the presenters: “As [Jeremy] Clarkson [the host of the British version of the show] himself might say, if the sleek, polished Chinese trio were a car they would be a Jaguar F-type. Whereas by comparison, the British trio look more like an Audi Quattro from the 1980s.”
BBC Worldwide has said that Top Gear China “will mirror the UK show’s irreverent humour, presenter camaraderie, epic races, outrageous stunts and challenges, unique celebrity guest participation, and its often eccentric methods of testing cars”.
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Chinese TV

China bans tainted stars from TV, movie screens
Reuters (Yahoo News)
BEIJING (Reuters) - Stars who have used drugs, visited prostitutes or been involved in other law-breaking will not be allowed to appear on Chinese television, movie screens or other forms of broadcast, state media said on Thursday, following a series of scandals.
The ban by the broadcast regulator, which includes radio and advertisements, is meant to "keep the industry healthy", the official China Daily reported.
"Celebrities who break the law should not be invited to appear in programmes, and transmission of their words should be suspended," the newspaper said, citing a statement from the regulator.
"Recent cases involving stars using drugs or visiting prostitutes have harmed the image of the entertainment industry and set a bad example for young people," the newspaper added.
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What Chinese viewers see when a western TV channel mentions Hong Kong
Adam Taylor (The Washington Post)
Chinese state media was slow to pick up the story of the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong, initially offering little coverage. On Thursday, however, state media took a dramatically harsher line, with the official People’s Daily newspaper calling the demonstrations illegal and warning that if they are to continue, the “consequences will be unimaginable.”
For those living on the Chinese mainland, it may be tough to hear another point of view. The University of Hong Kong China Media Project's Weiboscope tool has shown a remarkable spike in the number of posts censored on Chinese social networks recently.
Western TV channels like BBC and China are available in China, but the censorship can be even more stark: The screen simply goes blank when Hong Kong is about to be mentioned.
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