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11 April 2014 - Parents face fines over holidays

Publié par Clifford Armion le 04/11/2014

More than 20% of parents say they have been fined for unauthorised holidays

Richard Adams (The Guardian)
More than 20% of parents say they have been fined for taking their children on unauthorised holidays during the school term, while a majority of parents have lied to avoid getting into trouble, a national survey has found.
According to the poll of 1,000 parents for ITV's Tonight programme, 22% said they had been fined for a child's unauthorised absence, with the highest rates in the east and West Midlands, where more than one in three parents said they had been fined.
Since the start of the school year, the Department for Education has imposed new rules in England cracking down on term-time absences, which education experts say are likely to disrupt a child's education.
Previously, headteachers had the discretion to allow parents to take their children out of school for up to two weeks for a family holiday. But the new rules only grant term-time leave in exceptional circumstances such as funerals, and give councils the power to impose fines on parents who break the rules.
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Parents face fines over holidays
Staff (Daily Mail)
Under the Anti-Social Behaviour Act that was passed by Parliament recently, heads, from early in the new year, will have the power to issue on-the-spot fines of up to £100 to parents of children who play truant.
The fines are primarily intended to bring parents who repeatedly let their children miss school to their senses as an alternative to prosecution and a possible prison sentence.
But the DfES stressed that fines could be handed out for a first-time offence in "exceptional circumstances, for example where a parent has taken their child on holiday in term time without the school's permission".
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Thousands of parents fined, as persistent truancy falls
Katherine Sellgren (BBC)
Government statistics show the number of truancy penalty notices issued went up by more than a quarter in the academic year 2012-13 to 52,370.
The data shows 300,895 pupils were "persistently absent" (missing 15% of school) - down from 333,850 in 2011-12.
Education Secretary Michael Gove said there was no excuse for missing school.
The figures show that 52,370 penalty notices of £60 were issued to parents and guardians for a child's unauthorised absence from school in 2012-13 - up from 41,224 (27%) in the previous year, 2011-12.
Of the fines handed out in the last academic year, 27,977 were paid within 28 days, after which the fine doubles to £120.
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Parents fined £60 if children are late for registration in bid to raise standards at struggling school
Sam Chadderton (The Mirror)
Parents face a £60 fine if their children miss registration at their junior school 10 times in a 12-week term.
If the fixed penalty notice is not paid in 21 days, it will double to £120. If that is not paid, they risk prosecution.
Emerson Valley School, in Milton Keynes, which is in special measures, hopes the move will raise standards.
But The Campaign for Real Education said it was, “a step too far” and parent Georgina Hodgkinson, 40, said it would put, “a lot of pressure” on families.
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