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We won't reverse Coalition cuts, says Balls

Publié par Clifford Armion le 26/09/2011

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Andrew Grice

"The Shadow Cabinet has been banned by Ed Balls from promising to reverse any of the Coalition Government's spending cuts as part of Labour's attempt to regain credibility on the economy.

"In an interview with The Independent, the shadow Chancellor said: "No matter how much we dislike particular Tory spending cuts or tax rises, we can't make promises now to reverse them. I'm clear that I won't do that and neither will any of my Shadow Cabinet colleagues." Mr Balls has ordered Labour frontbenchers to clear any spending commitments, however small, with him and Ed Miliband.

"His tough line will be reinforced today in his speech to Labour's annual conference in Liverpool. Although it will disappoint some Labour activists, it reflects concern in the leadership that the party trails the Conservatives on being trusted to run the economy despite growing doubts about the Coalition's cuts strategy. Some Labour MPs are worried that the party is playing into David Cameron's hands by giving the impression they "oppose every cut"."

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