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We have two weeks to save the NHS, say leading academics

Publié par Clifford Armion le 03/06/2012

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John Walsh

Leading health academics Colin Leys and Allyson Pollock yesterday issued a rallying call to everyone who wants to save the NHS. This is, they both said, a crucial fortnight. With the Liberal Democrat conference looming, which they both saw as a last-chance opportunity to stop the Lansley reforms, they largely ignored their brief from the Bath Festival of Literature - to talk about the long-term future of the service at an Independent Voices debate entitled "Is the NHS sacred?"

"This Bill will destroy the NHS," said Ms Pollock, London University professor of Health Policy and Health Services Research. "If you care for the future, you need to focus now on stopping the Bill. This is a terrifying, Big-Bang moment, because Lansley and his team are moving us to a mixed-financing system similar to that in the US."

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