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Unpredictable 'lone wolves' pose biggest Olympic security threat

Publié par Clifford Armion le 03/09/2012

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Sandra Laville

The names Andrew Ibrahim, Nicky Reilly and Roshonara Choudhry are etched on the minds of counter terrorism police and security service officials as they prepare for what is the biggest security operation ever mounted in Britain.

In the past five years it is these individuals who have come closest to bringing death and destruction to the streets in the name of Islamist extremism. They are what the security services call lone wolves, individuals who are not operating under the direction of al-Qaida, but have radicalised themselves on the internet and remained under the radar of the security services before emerging to strike.

In the years immediately after 9/11 it was al-Qaida-directed plots, using people returning from training camps in Afghanistan and Pakistan, that caused the greatest concern to UK security services. But today it is these lone wolves who present the biggest terrorist threat to the safety of the Olympics in London by virtue of their unknown quantity and unpredictability.

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