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UK obesity crisis needs a bold prescription from doctors

Publié par Clifford Armion le 18/02/2013

Sarah Boseley

Obesity is a massive and multi-factor problem – so big and potentially so costly and diverse that no single department of government or specialist group can take it on alone. The potential usefulness of the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges report is that it goes well beyond the silo mentality.
Reports from doctors' organisations have tended to stick to what they know best – how to treat people who have become obese. They focus on more resources for weight-loss surgery and diabetes. It is the problem as seen from the consulting room rather than the street.
The academy report may well be criticised for straying outside its area of expertise, but it has to be given credit for looking at the big picture and making recommendations that would seem common sense to non-doctors. It does want more money for training (and rewarding) doctors in tackling obesity – crucial particularly at the GP level, because many family doctors are reluctant to raise the issue of weight unless the patient mentions it first. It also wants more investment in weight management services, including bariatric surgery, to give the GPs somewhere to refer those patients with a serious problem, and training for health visitors to educate new parents in nutrition.
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