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U.S. walks the line on Egypt

Publié par Clifford Armion le 02/03/2011

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Doyle McManus

"A little more than two months ago, when Hosni Mubarak's government rigged Egypt's most recent parliamentary elections, the Obama administration issued a notably mild statement expressing "dismay." That reaction wasn't nearly strong enough for Mohammed ElBaradei, Egypt's leading opposition figure and the man who may lead the country's next government. "I was dismayed," he wrote, "that all [the administration] could say is that it was dismayed." "But the U.S. has attempted a difficult balancing act for decades where Egypt is concerned. And though it's easy to criticize President Obama for not condemning undemocratic elections or rushing to embrace the demonstrators in Tahrir Square, his hesitation in both instances was understandable, even if it wasn't admirable. "In Egypt and elsewhere, the United States has tried to promote democracy and preserve stability at the same time, but when the two goals conflict as they often do, at least in the short run Washington has usually opted for stability first." Read on...
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