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Tobacco companies fuel black market in Britain, say MPs

Publié par Clifford Armion le 10/10/2013

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Britain's tobacco industry is accused of fuelling the black market for its products by oversupplying European countries, leaving the surplus available for smugglers to bring back in free of tax.
Margaret Hodge, chair of the Commons public accounts committee, blasted HM Revenue and Customs for knowing about the practice by tobacco companies but "not fining a single one of them". The lapse was costing Britain £1.9bn a year in lost tax, with 9% of cigarettes and 38% of hand-rolling tobacco sold in the UK estimated to have come from the black market.
Under supply chain legislation, tobacco firms have a legal obligation not to aid smuggling but HMRC has not fined any UK tobacco manufacturer for oversupplying products and has issued only one letter of warning.
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