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The Worst Job in the World? She Loves It.

Publié par Clifford Armion le 03/05/2010

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Scott James

"I first encountered Susan J. Parker while writing a column about a family in foreclosure being evicted in Redwood City. It was her job as a process server to deliver papers to the family's matriarch ordering everyone off the property. Today's column takes a look at her work in this housing-centered recession.

"Ms. Parker unwittingly walked in on a scene of unimaginable grief. The matriarch was on her deathbed, with family members gathered to say their final goodbyes. They went into a rage over the intrusion, cursing and yelling. They were all mad at me, Ms. Parker said. The sheriff's department was called to keep the peace.

"Surely no one craves to be hated for her work, so I said, This sounds like the worst job in the world. "But to my surprise, Ms. Parker said, I love being a process server."

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