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The NHS is flawed. Here's the evidence...

Publié par Clifford Armion le 28/08/2009

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Ian Birrell

"It was the most painful of the emails that I've received over the past week. It began, like dozens of others, thanking me for raising issues about the state of healthcare in Britain that were too often ignored. It was sent by the parents of a profoundly disabled child, who needed round-the-clock care like my own daughter. Following a medical accident, they were advised to institutionalise their son, but instead "converted their home into a hospital" and raised him at home for more than a decade.

"They thought their story "was probably no different to thousands of other families who care for such profoundly injured children, other than we did not have any other children. A decision we now very much regret." They found the support offered by the health system "lurched from wonderful to Third World" - but it was their teenage son's death that highlighted the systemic flaws in such a horrific light."

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