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The Iraq war inquiry: will it call Blair to account?

Publié par Clifford Armion le 28/01/2010

Andy Beckett

"If you sit in the public seats at the Chilcot inquiry, one of the first things you notice is that the ­witnesses have their backs to you. There is a large television screen on one side of the surprisingly small, cold room, showing their testimony live; but you can watch that from home on the official website, so at first it feels a little disappointing to attend one of the long sessions and be presented, in the flesh, with only a rear view of the invaders of Iraq. From behind, one ­important man in a suit can seem much like another.

"And yet, as the air conditioning hums and the politicians and civil servants and soldiers lay out their elaborate ­defences, it becomes clear that this perspective does have its compensations. Each witness sits at the same bare desk, only a few feet away, in an exposing black chair like a Mastermind contestant. And each gives off their own little physical signals, deliberately or not."

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