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The harrowing details of how the Newtown massacre began

Publié par Clifford Armion le 17/12/2012

David Usborne

It is the repeating rituals that offer reassurance and tell us, as parents and children, all will be well. So it was on Friday at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Under blue skies, teachers waited outside at 9am as the first yellow school buses swung into the driveway to offload their excited, chattering cargoes. The children rushed through the doors of the front entrance and towards their classrooms to hang up their coats and get ready for the day.
Sharp at 9.30, those front doors were locked and the video system was switched on, all part of a new security system introduced by headmistress Dawn Hochsprung just weeks earlier. She had a teachers' meeting in a small conference room off the entrance hall to go to. Children cast in a Christmas nativity play started rehearsals in the cafeteria and elsewhere in the one-storey building teachers finished taking the register and began their classes.
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