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‘The Big Freeze’: One small college’s tuition strategy

Publié par Clifford Armion le 01/08/2013

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Nick Anderson

They call it “The Big Freeze.”
At the University of Evansville, a private institution in Indiana, tuition for students who enter next fall will be the same ($29,740) as it is now. And the price will be locked in for the four years those students are in school; the price also will be locked in for current students as they finish their bachelor’s degrees.
It also could be a big risk.
As I wrote the other day, market pressures related to the nation’s economic anxieties are starting to put a lid on sticker price at private schools. In 2012, an unprecedented number of private colleges cut or froze tuition — more than 30 in all, by one national count. Many more sharply limited their increases to rates below the norm. Typically, tuition rises at a rate well above inflation.
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