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Teletubbies co-creator says BBC move to digital is 'ghettoising' children's TV

Publié par Clifford Armion le 01/08/2013

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The Teletubbies' co-creator has accused the BBC of "ghettoising children's programmes" by ending shows for young viewers on BBC1 and BBC2.
Children's programmes were moved to the digital channels CBBC and CBeebies , as part of the corporation's cost-cutting measures.
"It ghettoises children's programmes. It is a completely different attitude to the one that scheduled Magic Roundabout before the 5.40pm news," said Anne Wood, who co-produces the hit show In The Night Garden.
She told the Radio Times: "On the one hand it is inevitable. But it is dismissive of children. There is a certain amount of overlooking of the fact that children's programmes do get a wider audience than people are aware of … I have frequently had letters from older people who have enjoyed my programmes as much as children do. A lot of the reason older people like to watch children's programming is because it is life-enhancing."
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