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'Tea party' activists keep watch on Congress' new class

Publié par Clifford Armion le 01/03/2011

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Kathleen Hennessey

"As nearly 100 new Republican lawmakers settle into their Capitol Hill digs this week, some will get a pop-in visit before the boxes are unpacked and the phones start ringing aimed at reminding them how they got there.

""We want them to know that we know our folks helped them get elected and we're there for them," said Mark Meckler, whose group, Tea Party Patriots, is sending activists to visit lawmakers' offices hours after the swearing-in Wednesday of the 112th Congress.

"It's a pointed reminder for the new class, roughly half of which was elected with "tea party" support or echoed the movement's call for smaller government. Now those lawmakers are standard-bearers of the tea party's hopes and ideals a responsibility activists like Meckler plan to make sure is not set aside when the voting starts."

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